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Fermentis 11g

The Fermentis 11g Yeast we sell is of high quality. It's perfect for brewing! Buy here at Geterbrewed today. Delivery throughout UK and Ireland!
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Fermentis SafAle W-68™ Yeast 11.5gA historical yeast for German-style wheat beersSpeciality yeast selected for the production of aromatic beers with typical phenolic character (clove and peppery notes) and rich in fruity and floral flavours. Suitable for a great variety of wheat-base beers and fruit..
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Code: GEB4266
Fermentis SafAle™ BW‑20 Yeast 11.5gThe ideal wheat beer yeast for Belgian-style whitesSpecialty yeast selected for the production of wheat beers having neutral fruity flavors with specific phenolic character (clove and peppery notes).  Yeast that doesn’t completely ferment maltotriose giving so..
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Code: GEB4328
Fermentis SafBrew™ DA-16 Yeast 25gThe obvious choice for dry, flavorful beers, such as Brut IPASafBrew™ DA-16 is a powerful solution (consisting of Active Dry Yeast and enzymes) for producing very dry and flavorful beers, particularly fruity and hoppy ones such as Brut IPAs. SafBrew™ DA-16 is ..
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Code: GEB4325
Fermentis SafBrew™ DW‑17 25gAn All-In-1™ yeast & enzyme blend for dry, complex beers.SafBrew™ DW-17 is a powerful solution (consisting of active dry yeast and enzymes) for producing very dry and complex beers with fruity, woody and some subtle sour notes. SafBrew™ DW-17 is also recommended to fe..
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Code: GEB4269
Fermentis SafBrew™ HA-18 Yeast 25gThe obvious choice for very high gravity beersSafBrew™ HA-18 is a powerful solution (consisting of POF+ Active Dry Brewer’s Yeast and enzymes) for the production of high-gravity and particularly high alcoholic beers – such as strong ales, barley wines and barr..
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Code: GEB4327
Fermentis SafBrew™ LD-20 25gAN ALL-IN-1™ YEAST & ENZYME BLEND FOR LOWER-CARB* DRY LAGER BEERSSafBrew™ LD-20 is the perfect choice for producing very dry and neutral lager beers with reduced residual sugars. SafBrew™ LD-20 is made of both active dry yeast and enzymes and allows the producti..
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Code: GEB0088
Fermentis  SafAle™ US-05 Yeast 11.5gThe all-road neutral ale yeastAmerican ale brewer’s yeast producing neutral and well-balanced ales, clean and crispy. Forms a firm foam head and presents a very good ability to stay in suspension during fermentation. Ideal for American beer types and highly h..
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Code: GEB3559
Fermentis SafAle™ BE-134 11.5gIdeal for dry and spicy Belgian-style beers, like SaisonsThis typical brewer’s yeast strain is recommended for well-attenuated beers, produces fruity, floral and phenolic notes and a dry character. Produces highly refreshing beers, it is ideal for Belgian-Saison style.I..
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Code: GEB2223
Fermentis SafAle™ BE-256 11.5gThe champion yeast for Strong alesActive dry brewer’s yeast recommended to ferment a diversity of Belgian type beers such as abbey style known for its fruitiness and high alcohol content. It ferments very fast and reveals strong fermentation aromas. To maintain the arom..
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Code: GEB1387
Fermentis SafAle™ F-2 25gDesigned for bottle and cask conditioningSafAle™ F-2 brewing yeast has been selected specifically for secondary fermentation in bottle and in cask.This yeast assimilates very little amount of maltotriose but assimilates basic sugars (glucose, fructose, saccharose, maltose). ..
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Code: GEB1355
Fermentis SafAle™ K-97 11.5gBeer yeast for delicate and hopped beersGerman ale brewer’s yeast producing subtle fermentation character. Depending on the conditions tend to present floral and balanced fruity character. Ideal for delicate beers such as German Kolsch beers, Belgian Wits and some version..
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Code: GEB0087
Fermentis SafAle™ S-04 11.5gThe ideal yeast for English & American ales, with balanced fruity notesEnglish ale brewer’s yeast selected for its fast fermentation profile. Produces balanced fruity and floral notes. Due to its flocculation power, tends to produce beers with higher clarity. Ideal fo..
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Code: GEB0089
Fermentis SafAle™ S-33 11.5gIdeal yeast to enhance hoppy and fruity expressions of your ale beersFruity driven strain, gives a high mouthfeel and body to the beer. Ideal for Belgian Ales (Blond, Dubbel, Tripel, Quadrupel Styles) and strong English ales (ex. Imperial Stouts). It is also ideal for New..
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Code: GEB0090
Fermentis SafAle™ T-58 Yeast 11.5gThe right phenolic yeast for English & Belgian-style alesSpecialty brewer’s yeast selected for its strong fermentation character, intense fruity and phenolic flavors – especially banana, clove and peppery notes. Suitable for a great variety of wheat-base beers a..
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Code: GEB0091
Fermentis SafAle™ WB‑06 Yeast 11.5gThe perfect solution for wheat base beersBrewer’s yeast providing fruity and phenolic character, varying with the fermentation conditions. Produces well-attenuated beers and it is ideal for wheat base beers, such as Belgian and German Styles (Ex. Wit Beers and Weiz..
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Code: GEB4242
Fermentis SafBrew BR-8 Yeast 5gThe First Dry Brett for Flavorful “Funkier” BeersSafBrew™ BR-8 is the first Brettanomyces bruxellensis yeast available to brewers in a dry microgranular format.It offers all the flavour benefits of ‘wild’ Brett yeast but with more control and reliability, eliminating t..
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Code: GEB4002
Fermentis SafCider™ AB‑1 (Ex SafCider) 5gThe right choice for balanced ciderEnsures a very good assimilation of fructose and excellent for low gravity ciders.   Excellent settlement strength even with its sensitive to killer phenotypeRegular kineticBroad fermentation temperature spectrum: ..
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Code: GEB4004
Fermentis SafCider™ AC‑4 5gIdeal to produce fresh and crisp ciderEnsures a very good assimilation of fructose and excellent for low gravity ciders.Excellent settlement strength thanks to its killer phenotypeFast kineticBroad fermentation temperature spectrum: 10-30°C (50-86°F)Low nitrogen requiremen..
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Code: GEB4003
Fermentis SafCider™ AS‑2 5gTo bring sweetness & complexity to your ciderEnsures a very good assimilation of fructose and excellent for low gravity ciders.Very good settlement strength even with its sensitive to killer phenotypeRegular to fast kineticBroad fermentation temperature spectrum: 10-30..
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Code: GEB4005
Fermentis SafCider™ TF‑6 5gTo maximize the fruitiness of your ciderEnsures a very good assimilation of fructose and excellent for high gravity ciders.Regular slow kineticBroad fermentation temperature spectrum: 10-30°C (50-86°F), ideally 15-25°C (59-77°F)High nitrogen requirements: Ratio YAN**(mg/L)..
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Geterbrewed is proud to be the official distributor of Fermentis yeast in Ireland.
Fermentis works with professionals worldwide in the beer, cider, wine, spirits and other fermented beverages industries. Their offerings encompass almost every need, from safeguarding production to delivering desired sensory characteristics.

Striving for excellence

Based in Northern France, Fermentis is a business unit of the Lesaffre Group: an international leader in yeast and fermentation solutions.
Expect the highest reliability and stability standards over time - traits the market associates with Fermentis products. For over a century and a half, the Group has centred on yeast and its many applications, developing superior-quality yeast strains. Fermentis utilises only the finest quality natural, delicate, living microorganisms to craft their goods.

Best-in-class services

On top of providing outstanding products, Fermentis aims to share its most precious asset: knowledge. As fermentation is a complex craft, they offer specialised expert advisors worldwide who can provide guidance and advice. The Fermentis Academy serves to expand and distribute its product know-how by providing staff training and granting access to research laboratories and manufacturing facilities. For Fermentis, service truly means something.

A pragmatic strategy

Stéphane Meulemans was appointed head of Fermentis in 2014 and immediately enacted a strategy to invest in people, research, marketing, communication, education, and services. Their priority has been to supply customers with essential solutions by consolidating and innovating. This initiative has led to tremendous growth for Fermentis, resulting in numerous product releases and new offices in China, India, and Brazil. Fermentis is present or represented by distribution partners in over sixty countries. With many more plans in the pipeline, this is only the beginning for Fermentis.