Geterbrewed is small family-owned business with a passion for brewing, we have built a talented team of people who all live local to the warehouse. Our talented team consists of passionate brewers , distillers , some of our team are technically qualified with the ability to provide professional advise to our Craft Brewers & Homebrewers

Deborah (Managing Director)

A very passionate home brewer with a key focus on customer service, ensuring that we provide the best service possible to our awesome customers. Managing the effective running of the business, often desk bound now with the administrative nightmare of 'paperwork' but proudly pushing the business forward

Jonathan (Operations Manager)

The driving force behind the innovative new ranges with which Get ‘Er Brewed lead the market, passionate about providing the most sought after ingredients in the industry, in a quantity that suits the customer, and in the freshest possible condition, plus he also looks after all our key Microbrewery accounts throughout Ireland

Clayton (Warehouse Supervisor)

Clayton maintains the day to day running of the warehouse. He packs the orders quickly to ensure you get brewing when you need to - he just gets the job done time and time again, he manages the pallet network for the many craft brewers that we supply throughout Ireland

Andrew (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

This guy packs the orders quickly to ensure there is no delay on your brew day. Attention to details to make sure you get exactly what you ordered, try our custom kit options you'll see for yourself...

John (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Always going the extra mile to get an order out on time, he is keen to see the Get ‘Er Brewed orders dispatched in a prompt manner.

Megan (Customer Services)

An integral member of the team, who not only oversees the packing of orders, but also deals with the many enquiries we receive every day.

Gareth & Kenny (Web Development, Marketing & Tech Support)

Genuinely wizards on the computer - the most user friendly website in the industry is the result of these guys hard work.

Neil (Distiller & Engineer)

If you want something made, then drop your idea to us in an email. Neil makes all the new wort chillers and false bottoms and is a fully qualified stainless steel welder so he is working on making the Get 'Er Brewed range even better. He now also distills our brand of Gin Frankie & Eileens also, try it its beautiful Gin...

Tyler (Homebrew Order Packing Specialist)

Tyler is the newest member to join the team, a homebrewer himself and often found singing in the warehouse as he prepares your orders