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GET ER BREWED is an independent family-owned business passionate about the brewing industry. We have a wealth of expertise in the brewing industry and strive to provide you with the best possible service.

We are proud to have a talented group who share this passion. Our gifted team comprises passionate brewers, distillers and homebrewers with many additional skills.

The team value every one of our customers, and we thank you for allowing us to do what we love.


Deborah (Managing Director)

Mother, wife, boss, friend, homebrewer, accountant. Basically, if it needs to be done, she'll have her sleeves rolled up and proudly push the brand forward.

Jonathan (Operations Manager)
Looks after our key Microbrewery Accounts and sources the best brewing ingredients and equipment from across the globe. He can constantly be heard talking about stock levels, exchange rates, the brand, customer service and couriers.


Chris ( Shift Supervisor)

Chris loves to call you with his excellent customer service experience. He works effectively within the team, ensuring your orders are promptly dispatched. He has Jedi-like skills when it comes to packing things in boxes.

Trevor (Warehouse Supervisor)

A key team player and always motivating the team so we can be the best we can be. His attention to detail makes sure our warehouse is in a neat and tidy fashion. He enjoys sea fishing with his kids and is always up for a laugh.

Michael (Order Packing Specialist)

Michael is well organised and loves his role as he is a super keen homebrewer. He even has a beard, so this job seems made for him. He also finds the lack of beards disturbing.

Harsha (Order Packaging Specialist)

Harsha works effectively within the team, keeping morale high with a smile always on his face. He is dedicated to ensuring we hit our dispatch targets.

Wayne (Order Packaging Specialist)

Originally from South Africa, Wayne enjoys working with the team. He loves cooking and is making us a Durban Curry soon, which we're very excited about!


Jan ( Goods In )

Joined us with a career move away from bikes, always laughing and happy to be in the team. He also sports a fabulous beard with a wizard theme and brews a delicious dark lager. Recently made massive improvements to how we manage stock & is working on continual improvements.

John M (Goods Out)

John spent a full career running his business as a professional carpet fitter and finally found his calling at GEB. President of the local Fly fishing club and enjoying the entertainment of a shift at GEB.

Ricardas (Warehouse Maintenance)

Ricardas speaks several languages and brings a wealth of talents to the team. He constantly improves and maintains our premises with his welding and engineering talents.


Thakshila (Warehouse Admin)

Thakshila works at processing all of our purchase orders and customs clearance documentation. Always happy and bringing a great vibe to the office.

Dave (IT)

Dave ensures all of our 1's and 0's are doing what they should. He brings a great deal of expertise and knowledge in everything IT. We have also looked everywhere in the warehouse and still can't find his office.

Cuan (Graphic Designer)

Cuan uses his talent to make our brand look professional, and he is always working on improving content on the website. He brings a wealth of design experience to the team. We feed him cool fonts and coffee, which keeps him happy.

Hernan (Photographer, Videographer & Social Media)

Hernan makes Geterbrewed look fantastic, adding his talents to the website and our soicals. The guys hide when they see him coming though...they know he's going to make them dance or something on camera.

Dillon (Videographer)

Dillon is a freelance videographer and photographer who makes all our awesome YouTube videos. He also has a passion for brewing and loves asking questions.