Fermenting Under Pressure

Geterbrewed stock a range of homebrewing products that facilitate fermenting under pressure. We will be featuring a range of new innovative products and videos to showcase this topic as we see the homebrewing industry moving more towards this type of fermentation.

We want to highlight a range of products that we feel make it simple to get you started with fermenting under pressure, the fermzilla range is an economical way of pressurised fermentation and you can also see through the bubble and watch fermentation taking place. A considerable saving on stainless steel uni tanks.

The introduction to Fermzilla Starter Kits

Geterbrewed stock a wide range of Fermzilla equipment and in our latest youtube video we are showing how a 35 litre fermzilla starter kit works and what extra pieces of equipment you will need to effectively ferment under pressure.

Fermzilla 35 litre starter kit

Fermenting under pressure allows you to ferment faster and at higher temperatures, an option is to read the instructions on your yeast and ferment at the higher end of the temperature range.

The fermzilla pressure kit comes with a float and dip tube, this attaches to the beer out carbonation cap. The ball lock connector with the 2 bar pressure release value/spunding valve fits onto the gas carbonation cap.

You can also dispense straight out of the fermenter, the benefit to fermenting under pressure means you can brew NEIPA, IPA’s and hop forward beers without the risk of oxidising.

The Fermzilla range not only allows you to view the fermentation take place but it is significantly cheaper than Stainless Steel uni tanks. This is the introduction to a series of blogs on fermenting under pressure but if your interested in buying a starter kit we have added the product links below

Pressure Release Valve 2 bar / 30 psi

Fermzilla – lots of sizes available links below to 35 litre version https://www.geterbrewed.com/fermzilla-35-litre-starter-kit/ https://www.geterbrewed.ie/fermzilla-35-litre-starter-kit/

Fermzilla Pressure Kit

https://www.geterbrewed.com/pressure-kit/ https://www.geterbrewed.ie/pressure-kit/

Ball Lock Connectors

https://www.geterbrewed.com/ball-lock-disconnect-1-4-mfl-liquid/ https://www.geterbrewed.com/ball-lock-disconnect-1-4-mfl-gas/ https://www.geterbrewed.ie/ball-lock-disconnect-1-4-mfl-liquid/ https://www.geterbrewed.ie/ball-lock-disconnect-1-4-mfl-gas/

2 Bar Pressure Release / Spunding Valve https://www.geterbrewed.com/pressure-release-valve-en/ https://www.geterbrewed.ie/pressure-release-valve-en/


We genuinely take pride in the quality of the hops we provide to the brewing industry. We are driven to be the best hop merchant supplying our valued customers with a consistent supply of the World’s finest hop varieties. Our distribution partners work globally allowing us access to the most sought after varieties and we supply to you in a quantity that suits your needs

We have been working with the Barth Haas Group for a number of years now as their Irish Distributor. They could be referred to as “The nerdy” hop merchant or more appropriately “Experts” with the wealth of experience that they have, a staggering 225 years! They are committed to delivering the building blocks of flavour for your brewing creations, putting their heart & soul into innovating and delivering results

How do we get you to immerse yourself in the catalogue of aromas and flavours that can be created from the hops and advanced hop products we supply to brewers?

To do this we need to instil confident in you that we are supplying the best quality possible, that’s why all of our hops come with the Barth Haas guarantee

Cold Storage

We’ve invested in new refrigeration to expand our offering of hops and advanced hop products. We hold significant volumes in stock to provide a responsive service and we have express shipping options available

Vac Sealing

All of our repacking is carried out in a food safe environment and we put the hops into resealable hop packets, and they are nitrogen flushed and vac sealed.

Latest Harvests

We are forward contracting to ensure consistent supply of all hop varieties and doing our upmost to keep stocks rotating

Different Hop Products

Geterbrewed hold stock of t90 hop pellets, leaf hops, BBC enhanced hop pellets, Lupomax , Incognito, Flex, CO2 Extract & the exciting new liquid dry hop Spectrum.

All of the product information is available via our website:



Checkout the Geterbrewed Youtube Video

Homebrew Beer Kits

Geterbrewed Experimental Beer Kits

Geterbrewed have been driven to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in homebrewing, we have been championing a homebrew revolution and achieved results by providing only the best homebrewing equipment and the freshest ingredients always looking for innovative technology and new products to allow homebrewers to create impressive brews that makes them return to us time and time again for their homebrew beer kits.

So…the basic beer kit has been a challenge to educate homebrewers on what is possible. We have designed our own range of beer kits using the finest liquid malt extract, isomerised hop extract, brewers’ strains of yeasts and innovative hop tea bag technology.

  • The premium quality Liquid malt that provides such a pure malt flavour, plus its an all malt beer kit 
  • Isomerised Hop Extract allows us to fine turn the bitterness level of the beer kit
  • The Brewers Strains of yeast, ultra premium yeast chosen specifically for the style of beer
  • Hop Tea Bag Technology – The freshest hop pellets in innovative tea bags that allow maximum diffusion of the hop flavour and aroma. Plus we get to use hop varieties not normally used in beer kits

Geterbrewed are pleased to announce some new beer kits being added to the experimental beer kit range:

1. Kviek Beer Kit with Eclipse dry hop

Ferment at High temperatures with super quick turnaround times, the Premium Lallemand Voss Kviek yeast leaves a subtle orange flavour in the finished beer and the dry hop of eclipse leaves a sweet juicy mandarina flavour and aroma for this Kviek Beer Kit.

Kviek Beer Kit Contains:

2. Philly Sour Beer Kit with Nelson Sauvin Dry Hop

For our Philly Sour Beer Kit, a special yeast (Lachancea SPP) is used to produce a sour beer with refreshing acidity and notes of stone fruit, the yeast produces moderate amounts of lactic acid during primary fermentation to sour the beer.

Philly Sour Beer Kit Contains:

3. Lager Beer Kit – Ferments at Ale Temperatures

A Lager Beer Kit that using the innovative yeast strain from Mangrove jacks that allows you to ferment a lager at Ale Temperature. Dry Hopped with the beautiful styrian goldings hops.

Lager Beer Kit Contains:

4. Lupomax Citra beer kit 

 Lupomax Citra IPA Beer Kit showcasing the brand new enhanced hop pellets paired with the Verdant IPA yeast to allow that beautiful apricot flavour to shine through.

Lupomax Citra Beer kit Contains:

Checkout the Experimental Homebrew Beer Kits from Geterbrewed in the links below:



Geterbrewed Experimental Beer Kits

Spectrum Liquid Dry Hop

This could be a game changer…..
A bold statement but said with confidence as our friends at the Barth Haas group have excelled themselves at their centre of excellence in relation to hop research and development in creating their latest offering, Spectrum Liquid Dry Hop.

Geterbrewed are proud to introduce Spectrum, an innovative new advanced hop product that allows you to dry hop with liquid hops delivering full dry hop characteristics . 

What is Spectrum?
A 100% Pure & Natural Hop Product

  • Benefits of using Spectrum Dry Hop?
  • No losses in tank from dry hopping
  • Pure variety Specific Oil Rich Extract
  • No limits as you can dry hop at higher concentrations Soluble in Cold
  • Beer Easily Measured
  • Zero Absorption
  • Zero Hop Creep Shorter Tank Times
  • Less biological demand

How is Spectrum Liquid Dry Hop Made?
The process is patented and protected so we can’t give away all the secrets but to give an overview its a two stage process.

Dosaging of Spectrum ?
**This is important to carryout correctly to get the results you want**

Simply Measure the flowable spectrum hop liquid then mix with either deareted water or wort, mix well , flush the tank/dosing system with co2 and then add to the tank as you would with pellets. 

Geterbrewed are launching two varieties of Spectrum to begin with Citra & Mosaic with more to follow. It is possible to have any variety the Barth Haas supply made into Spectrum, we are really excited to see how this makes the characteristics of the hops shine at higher dosage rates

The first two varieties are available in 1 litre containers , Citra Spectrum & Mosaic Spectrum.

Spectrum Liquid Dry Hop
Spectrum Liquid Dry Hop

Collaboration Brew with Modest Beer

We have some very talented brewers in Ireland and we want to help give our valued brewery customers some marketing support so we have started to do a collaboration brew series to showcase the brewers and some unique and innovative ingredients.

Geterbrewed Collaboration brew with Modest Beer

The first brewery we have worked with on this new series is Modest Beer in Hollywood, County Down. Chris worked with us from the start of his brewing journey progressing from home brewer to commercial brewer and we helped him build his brewery with a Brewiks Microbrewery setup.

We’ve been proud of what Chris has achieved in a short period of time and are very grateful he put his trust in us to supply him with his brewery equipment and that he continues to see value in our relationship with ongoing ingredient supply. This brewery has an exciting potential and we look forward to licensing law changes in Northern Ireland as we can see the full potential exposed.

So what was the focus of this collaboration?

Chris would be a hop forward brewery brewing tasty pale ales with an emphasise on the hops, so we have chosen to showcase a relatively new advanced hop product called Incognito and a brand new Australian hop called Eclipse, not forgetting our first commercial trial of the enzyme Aromazyme from Lallemand which has been used to enhance the hops. We have also used the finest malt from Crisp Maltings in this brew trying out heritage malt Plumage Archer and naked malted oats which has allowed the hops to shine through with a sweet and smooth malt finish 

Chris is living very much up to the name of the brewery… Modest and Humble about his ability and what he has achieved. The brewery is producing Modest volumes in terms of output but the work ethic is dedicated and focused, you can see he has a passion for creating the best beer he can. 

The Ingredients used in the Collaboration brew

What is Incognito?

Incognito is an advanced hop product used purely in the whirlpool , we used Citra Incognito and the flowable hop oils have certainly produced some extra packaged volumes mitigating losses in the whirlpool usually found with pellets 

Tell us about Eclipse Hops?

We had the trip of a lifetime to Australia in March 2019 thanks to our distribution partners Simply Hops & the Barth Haas Group when we visited the Hop Products Australia farms in Victoria and Hobart, this hop was known as HPA-016 then and it got us really excited and it stood out as a future rockstar of the hop world. It is packed full of juicy sweet mandarin flavours with citrus peel and some pine. The hop has a sweet and delicate hop flavour that is genuinely unique in the modern offering of hop supplies. We feel this is an up and coming star in the hop world.

Geterbrewed where lucky to be able to be one of the first to launch this hop and have noticed the very limited supply we received is almost sold out already which again in an indication of just how well its being received by brewers trying it.

Tell us about Plumage Archer?

A heritage malt brought back to commercial release by Crisp Maltings , a malt developed by Dr ES Beaven  its the first ever cross breed malt and comes from great stock as its one of the Grandparents to the heirloom variety that is Maris Otter, you will experience sweet malty bready smooth flavours.

Tell us about Aromazyme?

A simple addition of this enzyme in the fermenter will hydrolyse glycosidic bonds present in the hops, this process will in turn increase the complexity of the hop aroma and flavour in beer. 

We highly recommend you try this beer, its available via Modest Beers Distributor Nelson Sauvin

Checkout the Youtube Teaser Video of the brew

If your a local Irish Brewery interested in doing a collaboration brew with Geterbrewed we would love you to get in touch

Lupomax Enriched Lupulin Pellets

As we see the demand for hop forward beers continuing to grow we are pleased to present a Lupulin enriched hop pellet called Lupomax. Geterbrewed are proud to be launching the first two varieties available being the highly sought after Mosaic & Citra.

So what is Lupomax?

It is a concentrated lupulin pellet

There is no mistaking Lupomax when you open the hop pack you immediately get hit with an intensely pleasing aroma.

As Geterbrewed have just landed the first shipment into our coldstore and have decided to go live and allow our brewing customers to be the first to trial this innovative new advanced hop pellet, we are excited to hear your feedback. We will be brewing with Lupomax ourselves and will share our experiences.

Initial trials have found Lupomax to be bigger, brighter & bolder. Consistency is a unique selling point as the varieties are true to style and standardised so no need to adjust your recipes from one batch of hops to another.

When you concentrate down a product you can expect to have some harshness but not with Lupomax, the expertise has allowed it to be created by reducing the vegetative matter to produce a cleaner more intense hop flavour without any astringent flavours.

There are many benefits to the brewer:

Less solids means less waste in the hopping process which means more packaged liquid

Shipping & Storage Cost Reduced

Reliable Brewing performance everytime you brew

True to type hop flavours

How to use Lupomax?

To ensure optimal flavour and aroma utilization , the pellets are designed to be added during dry hopping on the cold side or to the brewhouse whirlpool. Timing of addition can influence the final beer flavour and aroma. The brewer’s discretion will dictate dosage timing and addition rate

As a guide, Lupomax pellets are designed to be used at a replacement rate of 70% relative to standard t90 hop pellets

Purchase from Geterbrewed Now:



Geterbrewed manage Brexit for brewers ingredient supply

We have made significant investment in preparing for Brexit, the aim was to put the business in a place that would allow it to continue to supply brewing ingredients and equipment as we did before.

The EU & UK governments leaving the negotiation of the deal to the last minute meant that we had to plan for a dooms day scenario which required huge investment to hold brewing ingredients stock in a UK & a European warehouse ensuring that we had enough stock to last a few months while we worked out what way the new laws and rules would work.

We took the step of setting up an EU registered company and took on a new warehouse space in Dundalk. The finer points of the deal still haven’t fully been worked through but we have both locations operational and we are selling brewing ingredients across the EU.

Geterbrewed being based in Northern Ireland and part of the United Kingdom now in fact puts us in a very unique position because of the Northern Ireland Protocol. Effectively it seems we may have the best of both worlds but the level of bureaucracy and red tape paperwork has placed an addition workload on us. So we have had to recruit more staff and re-divert staff from other roles to ensure we have the correct resources to manage this new way of working. The government did set up a goods movement scheme for Northern Ireland called the Traders Support Service to help businesses but we went a step further and recruited a full time customs officer to ensure we are fulfilling our legal obligations and ensuring most importantly we show our customers we value them and want to keep their business.

There is no changes in how we move goods from NI to GB although when we bring goods from GB into NI they are split into two categories “at risk” and “not at risk”, so if the brewing ingredients are to remain within the UK then no tariffs are paid but if we intend to sell them into the EU then we will have to pay EU tariffs. The key point to note here is we can still trade, yes our company will have to make declarations and pay some tariffs but we can trade as we did prior to Brexit.

We have built a new purpose made goods in area/office facility and every delivery we receive is booked in with full traceability, at this stage all goods are labelled as GB or EU goods to allow us to identify when goods need cleared. We have upgraded all of our computer systems and installed new servers both physical and cloud based to deal with all the extra paperwork, when all details are available we will seek to automate a lot of this with computer programs. 

Our key distribution partners are global companies with facilities in multiple countries so we can choose when ordering if its best to bring goods in from UK , EU , Rest of world, this means if we manage the flow of ordering correctly for each region we can minimise the impact of tariffs

Delivery companies have had some difficulties, our small parcel haulier DPD announced they wouldn’t be shipping into Europe but we had been working on a new premium shipping option with DHL so we launched it to allow us to service our European customers, we have set the DHL shipping solution up to be able to do full digital customs clearance. We recently recruited a full time php coder to write code to improve the user experience on our website, he has been able to integrate a new World Wide Shipping solution for Geterbrewed. We can now offer express shipping solutions serving over 220 countries. 

Our new DHL delivery service cost is volumetric based on weight and size , they have multiple different service levels but we want to highlight their premium shipping options, if you need a parcel next day we now have World-wide options for that service. 

When loading the Dundalk warehouse we noticed it difficult to get full load transport and also have noticed that the pallet network has slowed down, we are able to ship full loads and pallets via our courier but the requirement for all the extra paperwork has slowed that process a little. Currently trade within Ireland hasn’t been affected but going to UK the pallet delivery times is a little slower and pallets moving within the EU being hit with a few days delays. 

We have experienced some companies refusing to ship personal items we have bought online and found that frustrating so we wanted to provide a service to our customers that would see things managed in these times with the aim of actually improving speed and service level. Never before have we registered with so many government bodies nor have we attended so many zoom meetings, presentations , not to mention the reading of books on Ecoterms, rules of origin & how to classify goods via commodity codes.

It’s been a really challenging time but we want to reiterate we are prepared and we can supply you. We value our customers and love what we do so we will navigate through this. If you need any assistance or further explaination on how we are set up for Brexit don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Geterbrewed see this an opportunity for growth and we look forward to welcoming all our new customers and not letting this affect how we deal with our valued existing customers no matter where you live or indeed if you supported Brexit or not.

We’re just happy to have managed to keep trading thought it all and look forward to the opportunities this brings us. 




Commercial Breweries 



Belfast Brewpub

Belfast Brewpub – The Deer’s Head

The Deer's Head Saloon Bar Belfast

The first Brewpub in Belfast is the Deer’s Head conveniently located 1-3 Garfield Street, Belfast, this area is steeped in brewing history and it has got the potential to make more history. We are excited to see this project evolve and we’re very grateful to the Owner for allowing us to help with this project and install the beautiful Brewiks brewing equipment.

What is a Brewpub?

Simply put it’s an establishment that sells beer that’s been brewed on the premises

What about the brewing History in this area?

There where 12 pubs and 4 spirit dealers on North Street in 1819, now only one pub remains, the Deer’s Head, established in 1885 as a traditional Saloon bar and brewery its being reinvigorated and going back to its roots of brewing beer on site and becomes the first modern brewpub in Belfast.

Bells Brewpub Belfast

Bells Brewery is the name of the Brewery within the premises at the Deers Head. In 1819 Lower Garfield Street was formally known as Bell’s Lane which we like to think is in honour of the founder and brewer John Bell . Formerly a wine and spirit merchant, John Bell lived worked and brewed here since 1778, directly adjacent to the Deer’s Head.

During the 18th century, the Irish government encouraged brewing at the expense of distilling, reasoning that beer was less harmful than whiskey and from 1790, it is argued that the decline of manufacturing industries was due to the expansion of other industries including milling, brewing and distilling.

At the time when John Bell was in operation there was several breweries on neighbouring streets including North Street, Royal Avenue and Smithfield. Today the Deer’s Head are passionate about reviving what was once considered the brewery quarter of Belfast.

Why is it important to have a Brewpub in Belfast?

Brewiks Brewpub Belfast

To many they won’t initially see the potential impact of this project. At Geterbrewed we see this as being a huge step forward as this will change the landscape in the local brewing scene. Craft beer is still a very juvenile market in Northern Ireland and the launch of the first Brewpub in Belfast will help escalate the growth.

The experience of enjoying a quality beer packed with flavour onsite whilst overlooking the brewery equipment isn’t just authentic, it’s putting the consumer back in touch with the brewer. An intimacy with the process of making beer. We want consumers to regain the connection and support their local brewers. We want you to support the Deers Head!

Copper Brewiks Microbrewery

The Brewpub experience is about using your senses, you should be seeing, smelling and tasting. At the Deer’s Head your senses are in for a treat . You will see the visually striking Copper Brewiks Microbrewery behind glass allowing you to observe the full brewing process. Thoughtful design by Oscar and Oscar allows your senses to be stimulated and the owners have been researching, experimenting and designing beer recipes to excite your palate.

If your in the brewpub during a brewday you will get to smell the malt being mashed and the hops being added to the boil. Often the unsung hero of taste is that of aroma, so try this new experience and immerse yourself in a sensory experience at The Deers Head. A good brewer will layer aromas and flavours and from what we have tasted so far you are sure to impressed with the flavours and aromas in the Bells Brewery Beers.

This is pioneering by the owner of the Deer’s Head, its going to be a great tourist attraction for Belfast City Centre and its going to help develop the local craft beer scene.

When is the Brewpub Opening?

With all that is going on at the minute with government restrictions its going to be a short wait until the time is right and safe, but soon, real soon….

We look forward to joining our customers there for a beer and urge you to follow them on their journey and show them some love on their social channels which will keep you up to date with opening times



Hop Flavour compounds

What important information should you know about your hops and hop flavour compounds?

Hop Flavour Compounds

Each batch of hops has an analysis carried out identifying the many hop flavour compounds. Hop oils only make up a small proportion of the actual hop but they do play a pivotal role in achieved those hop aromas and flavours that craft beer lovers desire. Different compounds can impart different flavours namely Citrus, Green fruits, menthol, vegetal, cream caramel, woody aromatic, berries & currant, grassy-hay, sweet fruits, herbal, floral and spicy

Lets look at the flavour compounds:

Is a terpene and the main hop oil component in most hop varieties. It is responsible for a green, hoppy aroma. However its low solubility and high volatility mean that only small amounts are transferred into and retained in beer, primarily when dry hopping.

Humulene, Caryophyllene and Farnesene are the main sesquiterpenes in hop oil. They impart herbal, woody, spicy and sometimes citrus or floral aromas. Like myrcene, they are present in beer in low concentrations due to their low solubility and high volatility. The ratio of caryophyllene to humulene and the presence or absence of farnesene are considered characteristic makers for different hop varieties.

Linalool and Geranoil are the two most abundant Terrene Alcohols in hops. Terpene alcohols are more soluble than terpenes or sesquiterpenes and thus play a major role in both late hop and dry hop aroma. Linalool is generally described as floral and citrus reminisentent of lavender or bergamot, and geraniol as floral with a hint of citrus, rose or geranium. Other Terpene alcohols and terpene esters can impart floral, woody or spicy notes.

Thiols, specifically 4-mercapto-4-methylpentant-2-one (4MMP) , 3-metcaptohexan-1-ol (3MH), and 3-metacaptohexyl acetate (3MHA), are present only in very small concentrations in hops but due to their extremely low sensory detection thresholds, they can have a major impact on hop aroma perception. 4MMP is usually described as tasting of blackcurrant or robes or, to some people, “catty”, while 3MH and 3MHA imparts notes of passionfruit or guava.

Hop Ketones and Isobutyrates also show good solubility and impart fruity, sometimes waxy notes, contributing to banana or pineapple flavours.

Geterbrewed can provide full traceability with all our hops, each hop packet will have the name, batch number, alpha acid and year of hop harvest. We proudly work as Irish distributor for the Barth Haas Group, Simply Hops & Hop Products Australia, if you require a detailed certificate of analysis we can provide this for you.

The Barth Haas group can provide everything you need under the one umbrella to maximise hops in your brewing process, the sheer size and diversity of hops on offer allows you to create unique hop forward beers, always professionally cold stored at our warehouse and express shipped to provide the best service in the industry.

Want to know more about the hops varieties we stock, check them out here:


Online HomeBrew Orders

We are seeing online homebrew orders rocket. Geterbrewed Covid 19 Operational Activity Report 09/10/20

Online Homebrew Orders

Homebrewing is seeing somewhat of a renaissance and clearly the joy of doing a brewday is helping people navigate through these strange times, we are also seeing a lot more people building their own home bars and adding kegerators and all in one brewing systems to their catalogue of home luxuries. 

To give an update on our operational activity its first and foremost that we ask you to understand we need to take steps to keep our staff safe and provide a service to our valued customers that is reflective of our company values, that’s a balancing act at the moment .

We usually aim to have express shipping and dispatch times to match our incredible value and premium quality. Geterbrewed strive to provide the best customer service, we want to be a true one stop shop for your brewing needs and we communicate with you in a prompt and responsible way, so we ask for a little understanding at this time due to the demand being placed on us.

We genuinely thank you all for your support as without our customers we wouldn’t get to do what we love. We are only a small team of 20 but we are passionately independent and driven to grow our business. We supply breweries and home brewers with the finest ingredients available sourced from all across the world so we have seriously good stock levels of the core component ingredients to create your beers. https://www.geterbrewed.com/

Recent demand has been huge…

Over the past week or so we have experienced a spike in demand for home-brew orders that has put some extra strain onto the team at the warehouse. We are now advertising that it can take up to 2 days to process your order. When this pandemic hit we experienced demand like never before and through it all we never closed, we did get to a stage where we where actually hovering between 5-7 days behind on orders and we fought through the orders and got ourselves back up to a super efficient service, this time around we don’t intend to allow that to happen again and may have to restrict the amount of orders we can process.

The GEB team

We have everyone socially distanced and protective measures in place throughout the warehouse. Our team are now working staggered shifts 7 days per week. Primarily this is for their safety https://www.geterbrewed.com/our-team/

Stock Levels 

Online Homebrew order stocks are generally very good, we have been increasing our stock holding in planning and have been providing forecasts to our suppliers to ensure constant supply, we have significant volumes on the way from all suppliers but some wholesalers simply state they can’t meet demand and they are shipping short , this is mainly on homebrew kits 

Amending Online Homebrew Orders

Please try and get your order right first time as amending orders at the moment isn’t possible, if you need to combine two orders email us and we will try our best to merge them and refund one shipping label


We have been communicating with our couriers and they too are seeing a continued spike in demand, we are in the process of adding extra services and we hope to have these new express premium shipping options added in the coming week, that will also allow us to ship worldwide. When your order is dispatched you will receive an email in the customer notes we add the dpd tracking ref and you can monitor the progress via dpd.ie 


We are trying to answer emails, social media messages as quickly as possible, we would ask that you only telephone if 100% necessary as its taking away from our ability to process orders quicker if we are answering calls. We appreciate your calls and sometimes you just need to run through a few questions to make yourself comfortable but until we get on top of this spike can we keep them to a minimum please. We are still providing technical help and trying to provide responses to your queries as quickly as we possibly can, you may get a reply at 10pm instead of during working hours that’s how hard we are working to keep you updated 

Collection at site

This is currently not available and we can only fulfil online homebrew orders, we are trying to protect our staff and keep them safe so we can’t have anyone calling to collect orders.

Your local Breweries

We supply a lot of commercial breweries and they have really had a tough time of it lately with the on trade business being hit so hard so when you can please support your local breweries and buy their beers! Never has supporting local been so important