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Homebrew is a satisfying and rewarding hobby. To handcraft & bottle a beer is fun, but the real satisfaction is when you get to open your first bottle. The sound of the gas escaping under the cap and the pouring of your own pint with the perfect head brings a smile to your face. It is deeply satisfying and you get a great sense of achievement. Of course you then get to enjoy the depth of flavour that hasn't been interfered with the many chemicals that commercial beers have.

Modern day kits are of outstanding quality. Brewing beer in NOT what it was like in years gone by, it is possible to brew beer at home that will surpass the quality of commercially available mass produced beers.

Our homebrew shops have a huge range of beer kits, wine kits and cider kits to suit all tastes. When you are ready to move onto more advanced homebrew techniques, we also stock and suppl one of the best ranges of malts, hops and yeasts for the hobby brewer and micro-brewery alike..

There is a wide variety of homebrew beer kits available and we feel that Get'er Brewed has a range to suit all tastes, we are passionate home brewers ourselves and we are always happy to help new comers.

There is a homebrew kit for every occasion!

At Get Er Brewed, beginner friendly customer service comes first. Our staff are trained in all aspects of homebrew and are always ready to answer your questions.

We offer a FREEPHONE facility 0800 2289 433 and we answer queries on FACEBOOK, Twitter (@geterbrewed) and emails to