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Homebrewing isn’t just about saving money and being frugal. It’s now possible to brew your own beer, cider and wine at home, which is far better than shop-bought and at a fraction of the price.

Homebrewing is a very rewarding and satisfying hobby, and you can buy homebrew kits that can be made in approximately half an hour, or you can brew beer from scratch using only water, malt, hops and yeast. This will take approximately 5 hours.

Some people choose to make their own beer, cider or wine because they know what’s going into it as many commercially brewed alcoholic products have many chemicals and additives. When you brew at home, you control the contents.

The brewing hobby usually leads to an activity that can be enjoyed with friends and many people regard a ‘brew day’ as a social event, sharing their brews, creating new recipes and pairing it all with good food and some laughs. Personally, we find brewing therapeutic and starting to brew your own is not as expensive as you would think.

Giving out homebrew gifts is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to a gift. We have brewed wine for our friends’ weddings, we have made wine to give out at Christmas for gifts, and we love to share our beer brewing experiments with friends for constructive feedback.

Brewing can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it, we have brewing equipment for all budgets and levels of experience, and we have the in-house knowledge to help you brew successfully and consistently. We believe that anyone can homebrew. If you need help, just reach out. We are very passionate about brewing and love to help.

A top-quality home-brewed beer, cider or wine will bring a smile to your face and make you very proud you created it.

We started a homebrew revolution 5 years ago, and we take great pride in helping you brew exciting beers, ciders and wines.

Absolutely, we can help you brew beers, ciders and wines that will not only excite but deliver consistently impressive results.

If you want to brew beer, cider or wine, its possible to brew better than anything from the shop

Modern-day Wine Kits are truly impressive in terms of quality, and the finished wine is very cheap compared to supermarket or shop-bought lines.

Cider Kits will create some really enjoyable ciders with absolute ease.

Beer making can be easy or as complicated as you feel comfortable with. If you’re just starting out, try any of our beer-making kits that has everything you need to make excellent beer.

You can also try our Custom Grain Kit, which allows you to experiment and design beer suited to your tastes. When you’re ready, you can treat yourself to an all-in-one brewing system such as an All-In-One System for the ultimate craft beer experience.

You can brew any style of beer at home, from lagers to ales and even the complex Belgian beer styles that are enjoyed by the most discerning beer drinkers. There are essentially three levels of beer making.

Beer Kits: The most straightforward option for making your own beer, brewed quickly and easily with excellent results. It is cheap to get started and allows you to experiment with the hobby of brewing without a lot of experience or outlay.

Extract Beer Kits: This is a stepping stone to all-grain brewing. You will use liquid malt extract, some steeping grains and hop additions. You boil the wort and add hops to create hop bitterness, flavours and aromas.

All Grain Brewing: You can start at this level easily with a BIAB Starter Kit (Brew In A Bag) or buy yourself an all-in-one brewing system. Get Er Brewed recommend the Grainfather. You brew with four key ingredients in the all-grain method, water, malt, hops and yeast.

The Geterbrewed staff all brew their own and are happy to help you.

At Get Er Brewed, beginner-friendly customer service comes first. Our staff are trained in all homebrew aspects and always ready to answer your questions.

Get Er Brewed can help brewers of all levels of experience. We can supply brewing ingredients and brewing equipment from Hedgerow brewing right through to commercial breweries.

Get Er Brewed has installed several breweries throughout Ireland and the UK. We have installed brewpub options and helped at every stage of the process.

Get Er Brewed own its own brewery and distillery and have staff with extensive brewing knowledge, we have a team of brewers with degrees in brewing and distilling, and we have first-hand experience with the whole brewing process.

Homebrew is our passion, and we love to help newcomers, so if you are interested in getting started and need any brewing assistance, then don't be afraid to reach out via email ( [email protected]), drop us a message on one of our social media channels or call freephone 0800 2289 433


Geterbrewed proudly represents and exclusively distributes world-leading brewing ingredients throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our world-class craft brewing ingredients are stored correctly and available in the quantity that suits your needs. Geterbrewed has a purpose-built brewing ingredient distribution centre in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. We supply the UK and Irish brewers with Malt, Hops, Yeast, Water Treatments and Brewing Process Aids.

You can buy all your brewery ingredients in one location and have them shipped to your brewery promptly. The quality ingredients are backed up with full technical support. Talk to us about your brewery ingredients we are confident we can provide an excellent service bringing real value and a range of world-leading brewing ingredients.

We ship daily using reputable services, and your delivery can easily be tracked and traced. Whether it's a pallet or a box, your order will be professionally packed and delivered to your doorstep.

We pride ourselves in being a ONE STOP SHOP, with everything under one roof.

We have world-class products ready to ship out to the UK and Ireland from our warehouse. With exclusive distribution deals and bulk storage, we can supply products at excellent prices.


Wholesale Malt is available whole or crushed from leaders in brewing grains and malts.


World-leading hop varieties cold chain delivered to our warehouse and cold-stored at below 4 degrees.


Premium quality yeast strains for any style of beer.


Brewing salts and water treatments to build any water profile you require for brewing any beer style.


A range of beer stabilisers, wort clarifiers, nutrients, anti-foam, finings etc.


Ranging from a small-scale brewpub to commercial large-scale brewing systems

It's easy to get a Microbrewery Account. Register for an account on our site and select Microbrewery. Fill out all the information and submit it.

We will review the application, and if all checks out, access will be granted.

We will need some information from you about your brewery. Click on the below link to see everything you need

Our professional team is ready to help.

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