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Australian Blend Wine Kits

Australian Blend wine kits are a range of 7 day wine kits that are the perfect solution for an event or party you are having or to brew a nice house wine, the pinot grigio wine is excellent in this range and highly recommended by Geterbrewed staff
Code: GEB1873
Australian Blend Cabernet Sauvignon 7 Day Wine KitThe Cabernet Sauvignon wine making kit will produce a full bodied red, dark ruby in colour and with complex and initially harsh tannins. This kit can be drunk immediately after 7 days, but it will soften and produce an even better balance after anoth..
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Code: GEB1871
Australian Blend Chardonnay 7 Day Wine KitThe typical slight smokey flavour and aroma of a good Chardonnay comes from storage in small oak barrels. The flavour is a distant citrus with vanilla and oak overtones from the malolactic fermentation. Our Australian Style Chardonnay wine kit has all the ri..
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Code: GEB1874
Australian Blend Merlot 7 Day Wine KitThe Merlot wine making kit will produce a full bodied red with well balanced tannins, a bit softer than the Cabernet Sauvignon. The Merlot produced has the typical hint of plums and is medium dry. A perfect choice to go with most meat dishes.All ingredients you ..
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Code: GEB1876
Australian Blend Merlot Blush Rose 7 Day Wine KitWhen we created the Merlot Blush, we had set out to make a very fruity, crisp but balanced rose wine. This recipe uses the Merlot grape which adds its typical hints of plum and ripe fruits and berries and we contrast this with a crisp white grape for ..
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Code: GEB1872
Australian Blend Pinot Grigio 7 Day Wine KitTrendiest of the white wines, the Pinot Grigio grape creates a crisp and fruity white with a faint straw colour, hints of ripe melon and berries. The perfect white wine to drink on its own, well chilled.11-12% ABV..
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Code: GEB1875
Australian Blend Shiraz 7 Day Wine KitThis Australian Red wine kit will make a dark red wine with good body and tannins. Well balanced acidity and with a hint of the new world Shiraz. It contains all ingredients you need except water and makes 23 litres of delicious Australian style red table wine.1..
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