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The Hops for beer we sell are of high quality. They are perfect for brewing! Buy now at Geterbrewed, your specialist brew shop. Delivery throughout UK and Ireland!

Hops from Get Er Brewed

Searching for the freshest hops to give your beer that extra kick? Look no further than Geterbrewed!

Geterbrewed is your one-stop shop for premium beer hops! Our selection includes a variety of pellets and advanced hop products that are perfect for bittering and crafting unique flavours and aromas. Not sure what you need? Contact us for guidance! At Geterbrewed, we strive to ensure brewers receive only the highest quality hops for the perfect brew. Discover all the wonderful possibilities beer hops have to offer. Explore our huge range of hops today!

What are hops?

They're vibrant green plants that grow on strings in hop fields, reaching high to soak up plenty of sunlight. When harvested, their unique flowers are used to give beer and other alcoholic drinks great flavour. Hops have been used since the dawn of beer-making to add complexity and counter sweetness in the beverage. They even acted as preservatives before the invention of refrigeration. Today they're all about giving a fuller, tastier experience, with the bonus of some fantastic aromas.

Are you looking for hops to brew your perfect beer?

Look no further! You'll find the best selection of craft-brewery-approved hops for all your homebrewing needs. Geterbrewed offers a range of hop varieties in various forms. We source the freshest hops directly from farmers, then store them cold and package them in nitrogen-flushed, resealable bags to lock in maximum freshness. with a range of pack sizes to suit your needs. Get your brew the hops it needs to make a top-notch, flavourful beer.

More About Our Hops

We have various hop formats available. Each with their own advantages
Hop Pellets
Hop pellets are the popular choice for brewing. Check out our t90 hop pellets or enhanced hop pellets. Enhanced hops provide intense flavour with minimal use.
Advanced Hop Products
These products are all-natural products made from hops. Some Advanced Hop Products can deliver bittering, flavour and aroma more efficiently. Other products can enhance your beer-making.
Hop Tea Bags
This is a unique product, where we seal fresh hop pellets into “tea bags”. Pop this straight into your brew to make clean-up a lot easier.

Get the most out of your hops.

Hops are usually the most expensive part of your brew. To make it more cost-effective, you have two options. Buy in bulk or buy the exact amount you need so that there is less wastage. Lucky for you, we offer both options!
Bulk buying is cheaper per gram, so you’re saving. However, you must store it correctly so they keep for longer.
We offer all our hops in smaller packs, so you can order the amount you need.
We have a Custom Grain Kit, where you can order your hops by the gram for your bespoke recipe.
All this gives you the flexibility to get the hops you need, how you need them.
This is the Geterbrewed difference.

For Microbreweries, click on this link to see more options and solutions for your hops: Microbrewery Hops