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Microbrewery Brewing Grains

We have an excellent range of microbrewery brewing grains and malts. Buy online today from Geterbrewed Microbrewery Supply Specialist. Delivery across the UK and Ireland!

Microbrewery Brewing Malts & Grains

Malted barley, or malt that Get Er Brewed supply, are sourced from the leaders in the industry. Through our knowledge and experience, we know what breweries want from their malt. We have selected only the best manufacturers from across the world. Our malt suppliers only produce top-quality malts, with industry-leading technical support from their talented team of technical and master brewers.

Consistency and quality are what every brewer demands of their malts, which is what we focus on. Our suppliers have been in the industry for many years. They have developed world-leading technology to ensure the best quality without compromise. This also ensures their malts yield consistent results.

All our malts are professionally handed from the manufacturer to your door. Most of our 25kg grain bags are stored at our premises, where they are packed on pallets, plastic-wrapped and shipped to you. Alternatively, we can arrange a delivery straight from the manufacturer for bulk orders. Our turnaround times ensure you are getting the freshest grains possible.

Our Malt Suppliers

We have UK malts from Crisp, Belgian malts from Dingemans and German malts from Weyermann. This gives you several options for the style of beer you are making.


Muntons has been a leading supplier of brewing and distilling malts and malted ingredients to the food & drinks industry for over a century. Their malts are used in the brewing and distilling industry by globally recognised brands and craft brewers seeking something different.The range of malt Muntons products is extensive and particularly relevant for food and drinks manufacturers seeking clean-label, plant-based ingredients.
Sustainability is the common objective linking all aspects of Munton's business activities. They aim to minimise our business activities' impact on the environment.


Dingemans Malt is based in Stabroek near Antwerp in, Belgium. In 1875, Alexander Dingemans started grain trading and making malt. Almost 150 years later, brothers Karl & Jan Dingemans (5th Generation) are currently heads of operation, taking over from their parents in 2010.
You have most likely already tasted some of their malts in Belgian brews. They supply most Belgian brewers, and their malts are used internationally in renowned Trappist, Ale, Lambic, White and Abbey beers.
We are honoured to distribute this diverse and exciting range of specialty malts from our new friends in Belgium to the UK and Ireland. Our portfolio of malts includes the highly sought-after Biscuit malts, Aromatic malts, and an extensive range of caramelised / crystal malts. We bring you distinct flavours and aromas, not forgetting what’s now possible in creating those colours in your next beer.


French & Jupps Ltd specialises in producing top-quality speciality roasted and fine crystal malts. An impressive 330 years of family involvement in the malting business. French and Jupps Ltd is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the world, with their roots tracing back to the late 17th century. Run by the same family for the last 300 years, they have consistently produced the highest quality speciality malts, supplying both the brewing and food industries globally.


The home of good malt since 1862
Simpsons Malt understands you need the best malts to make the best beers and whiskies. They only use the finest UK two-row barley from certified seeds. Because Simpsons uses certified seeds, the pure grain in each of their sought-after malts is consistently of high quality. Whether you're a brewer seeking to infuse a unique character into a new and innovative beer or a distiller pursuing an intricately nuanced taste,  Simpsons Malt offers the experience and expertise to guide you to the perfect malt to suit your requirements.


  • Base Malts
  • Lightly kilned malts
  • Roasted malts
  • Coloured malts
  • Speciality malts
  • Floor made malts
  • Distilling malts
  • Adjuncs and Unmalted grains