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Flaked & Unmalted Adjuncts

Flaked Malts, torrified products and brewing adjuncts, huge selection of the finest brewing ingredients available in a quantity to suit your needs. As official microbrewery distributors we hold large stocks and have good stock rotation so you receive the
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Crisp Naked Oat Malt (EBC 1.5-7.0)Crisp Naked Oat Malt has become a stalwart of the NEIPA recipe. Wemalt naturally naked oats to increase potential extract. Naked oat maltgives a lovely creaminess and mouthfeel in all styles of beer and is especiallysuited to juicy hop bombs and heavy beers. They al..
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Crisp® Flaked Torrefied Barley (EBC 2.5-4.5)Flaked Torrefied Barley consists of barley grains that have been cooked at high temperature, resulting in gelatinisation of the starchy endosperm. Adding it promotes head retention and adds body to the finished beer. Its flavour is slightly stronger than i..
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Code: GEB2153
Crisp® Flaked Torrefied Maize (EBC 1-3)Flaked Torrefied Maize consists of maize grits that have been micronized at high temperatures which bursts open the starches and thus gelatinises the maize. Flaked Torrefied Maize lightens wort and can add a unique cornflake-like sweetness beer. Maize can be us..
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Crisp® Flaked Torrefied Oats (EBC None) Crisp® Flaked Torrefied Oats (EBC None)
Code: GEB2155
Crisp® Flaked Torrefied OatsFlaked TorrefiedOats consist of husked oat grains that have been cooked at high temperature in our Cabot torrefied, resulting in gelatinisation of the starchy endosperm, and then flaked. Flaked Torrefied Oats will give a smooth, creamy mouthfeel to finished beers. The pre..
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Code: GEB2154
Crisp® Flaked Torrefied RiceFlaked Torrefied Rice consists of rice grains that have been cooked at high temperature, resulting in gelatinisation of the starchy endosperm, and then flaked. Flaked Torrefied Rice lightens wort colour, reduces protein levels and imparts a characteristic dryness to finis..
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Code: GEB2151
Crisp® Torrefied Wheat (EBC 2.5-4.5)Torrefied Wheat has long been used by brewers up and down the UK to provide that bit additional head potential on all beer styles. The higher molecular weight proteins and glycoproteins are head positive and also promote mouthfeel. Torrefied wheat is especially us..
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GEB Torrefied BarleyTorrefied Barley adds body to beer and has a stronger flavour than Torrefied Wheat. It also improves head retention and is particularly suited to stouts.BEER STYLES: VariousUSAGE: 10% MaximumBag Size: 20kgImproves head retention and bodyTYPICAL ANALYSIS ..
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Code: GEB3869
GEB Torrefied Cracked OatsTorrefied Oats provide a smooth and creamy mouthfeel to various beers, including Stouts. The oat husk can assist with wort separation.BEER STYLES: Stouts, NEIPAsUSAGE: 25% MaximumBag Size: 15kgImproves mouthfeel and adds creaminessTYPICAL ANALYSIS ..
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Code: GEB4143
GEB Torrefied MaizeTorrefied Maize is created using maize grits that are torrefied at high temperatures to gelatinize the Maize. Torrefied Maize sweetens and lightens the wort. Maize that has been micronized at high temperatures forms Flaked Torrefied Maize by bursting open its starches and thus gel..
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GEB Torrefied WheatBrewers frequently use torrefied Wheat to provide additional head potential on various beers. The proteins and glycoproteins also promote mouthfeel, which can be helpful when base malts are particularly low in nitrogen/ protein.BEER STYLES: VariousUSAGE: 10% MaximumBag Size: 25kgI..
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GEB Wheat FlakesWheat Flakes are flattened grains of chit wheat malt. Chit malt is produced from steeped wheat germinated for a very short period and then lightly kilned. CharacteristicsChit wheat malt flakes are essentially raw barley that has been barely malted and retains many of the charact..
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Rice Hulls (EBC None)The filter bed can become easily clogged when all-grain brewing using large quantities of wheat, oats or other coarse grains, making lautering difficult. GEB steam-sterilised rice hulls are the ideal solution: these rice hulls do not affect the flavour at all and can be used to ..
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