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Geterbrewed stock a range of enzymes to help during the brewing process, they also stock a wide selection of brewing salts and additives to help you brew successfully and consistently.
Code: GEB0869
Aroma EnzymeSpecial multi active enzyme (pectinase, arabinase and beta-glycosidase activity) in powder for more aromatic wines and distillates. The arabinase and beta-glycosidase activity releases aromatic components, bound to sugars, from the fruit/grapes. This results in more aromatic wines/musts...
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Code: GEB2597
Iodine Tincture - Starch conversion test - 30 mlIodine solution for the determination of starch in cooled wort. How to use: - Add a few drops to a separate small amount of cooled wort. - When starch is present, the iodine changes from brown to blue, violet or reddish. - If the iodine colour ranges ..
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Code: GEB1139
Special multi active enzyme (pectinase, arabinase & beta glycosidase activity) in powder form for the best aromatic wines and distillates. Use 4-8g per 10 litres..
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Code: GEB0018
Pectolase 32g To ensure maximum yield of juice and flavour from fruits and alike, and to prevent possible pectin hazes Directions: Dissolve 1 level teaspoon per gallon in 1/2 cup of lukewarm water, add to must and shake/stir well. If used with heated or boiled fruits, add 2 teaspoonfuls per gall..
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Pectolytic Enzyme 100ml
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Code: GEB0867
Pectolytic EnzymeUsed for wine and fruit juices of pectin rich fruit. Breaks down the pectin in the fruit, increasing the juice yield and prevents cloudiness afterwards. Best kept in the refrigerator. Dosage: 4-8 g (ml)/10 kg of fruit or must at 20 C with a contact time of 12 hours.The use of enzyme..
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Code: GEB0020
Sodium Metabisulphite 100g Added to wine to prevent the wine from becoming oxidized. Can also be used as a sterilizer. A pectin destroying enzyme which needs to be used when using fresh fruit or vegetables which are high in pectin. A pectin haze could form and prevent the wine from cleari..
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Code: GEB0868
Zymex Colour EnzymeSpecial multi active enzyme (pectinase, cellulose and hemi-cellulose activity) in powder to extract more pigment and aroma from red fruit and grapes. Free of depsidase activity (prevents too much tannin and colloidal material being extracted). Best kept in the refrigerator. Dosage..
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Code: GEB4113
Vinoferm Stabivit - 100gSpecially combined product for stabilising wines after fermentation. Contains potassium metabisulphite, potassium sorbate and ascorbic acid in ideal proportions.Compound product = simple to useEasy to use as there are no separate quantities to weigh. Not only does it prevent ..
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