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Testing & Monitoring

We have a selection of specialised Testing & Monitoring equipment for homebrew and microbreweries.
Code: GEB1012
Digital Dissolved Oxygen DO Meter Tester Professional Digital Dissolved Oxygen DO Meter Tester 0~199.9% / 0~19.99 PPM / 0~19.99 mg/I Range Product parameters Specification: 0~199.9% / 0~19.99 PPM / 0~19.99 mg/I Features: - Big LCD with DO and temperature value display - Stability indi..
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Code: GEB2597
Iodine Tincture - Starch conversion test - 30 mlIodine solution for the determination of starch in cooled wort. How to use: - Add a few drops to a separate small amount of cooled wort. - When starch is present, the iodine changes from brown to blue, violet or reddish. - If the iodine colour ranges ..
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Code: GEB4238
CO2 slide chart pressure/temp/CO2 Thanks to this handy slide ruler it’s very easy to calculate the CO2 level in your beer, taking the temperature and pressure into account Also, essential for regulating the tap pressure on tap installations...
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Code: GEB4369
Grist Analysis BoxThe Grist Analysis Box or Grist Separator is a small wooden sieve box that is a user-friendly tool for a quick test of grist consistency. It features two sieve sizes, 1.98mm and 0.212mm aperture, making separating the grist into husks, nodules, and flour easy.Analysing the mill's g..
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