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SS Mini Keg Accessories

The SS Mini Keg Accessories we sell are of high quality. It's perfect for home brewing! Buy here at Geterbrewed today. Delivery throughout the UK and Ireland!
Code: GEB2649
Beer Tap Dispenser Kit 0-60psi for SS Mini Kegs Complete Dispensing Tap with adjustable flow control, regulator and 1m of 5/16 (Hard & Clear) Beer Line. Just needs co2 cartridges (GEB2673)..
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Cleaning Keg Stainless Steel (2 A Type & 2x S Type Fittings) Cleaning Keg Stainless Steel (2 A Type & 2x S Type Fittings)
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Code: GEB2588
Stainless Steel innovative brewing equipment, used for keg cleaning application...
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Code: GEB2591
Stainless Steel Mini Keg Dispensing Lid With ball Lock FittingsA stainless steel dispensing lid designed for use with the SS mini keg range. The fittings are ball lock which allows you to fit gas to one end, beer out to the other and it also has a pressure release valve built in. Great for f..
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Code: GEB2593
Stainless steel tap assembly designed for use with the SS Mini Keg Range complete with a flow controlled tap and a ball lock post for gas. You will need to add a Keg (keg is included in the picture only as a reference)..
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Code: GEB3829
Rubber Plug for Minikeg 5L - With Pressure Relief Do you have trouble with swollen kegs? With these special rubber plugs with pressure valves, the excess CO2 can escape, keeping a pressure of about 2.5 bar in the barrel. They can be reused many times...
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