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Hop Pellets

Geterbrewed stock a range of fresh hops for brewing beer. Our hop pellets are available in many varieties, including hops for bittering and creating different flavours and aromas. Buy here at Geterbrewed today. Delivery throughout UK and Ireland!

...Geterbrewed stock a range of fresh hops for beer and hops for brewing other alcohol too. Our hop pellets are available in a number of varieties, including hops for bittering and creating different flavours and aromas. Browse below, or contact us online for more information......

Geterbrewed can provide breweries and home brewers with premium hops to ensure they get the most sought-after hops for beer. We ensure we are responsive to our brewer's needs and demands in line with market needs, ensuring they only receive the best hops for brewing available. Beer hops have many different qualities, you can achieve bittering, flavour and aroma from hops; check out the vast range of hops we have.

What are Hop Pellets?

Hops are a green-coloured plant that grows up strings in a hop field, climbing high in search of lots of sunlight. Their distinctive flower is taken from the plant and commonly used to flavour beer and other alcoholic beverages. However, hops for beer were originally used for their preservative qualities but are used to enrich the beer’s flavour and create beautiful aromas in modern times.

Which Varieties of Hops are for Brewing?

Geterbrewed supplies a wide range of hop varieties in various forms. For example, we have t90 hop pellets, Boston Beer Company (BBC) enhanced hop pellets, leaf hops or whole hops and a range of hop products. BBC hops are great when attempting to enhance beer flavour using less product, resulting in a higher aroma and flavour.

Our hops for beer are sourced directly from farmers to ensure they’re of the highest quality and as fresh as possible. The hops are then cold-stored by us and placed in nitrogen-flushed packaging for optimum freshness. Foil-packaged hop pellets are better for brewing beer, but we have several types that may suit your needs. Hop pellets are an essential ingredient for brewing and beer making and have been used throughout history to change the beer's flavour. Hops for beer are specially grown and used to counteract the sweetness in the alcohol. They also served as a traditional beer preservative before refrigeration to enhance its longevity.

In the interests of exceptionally high quality, we ensure we have the latest harvest first and have secured access to the most sought-after hops for brewing. We are trusted by the best craft breweries in Ireland to supply them with their hops for brewing and have made available the best hops in the world to home brewers for their home brew beer kits in a wide range of quantities. Beer hops come available in packs of 50g, 100g, 225g, 450g & 1kg and 5kg.

Why Choose Geterbrewed Hops?

Geterbrewed takes great pride in supplying the finest beer hops in the homebrew industry and craft brewing sector. We have travelled the world to visit hop farms in Europe, America and as far afield as Australia in search of the highest quality product. If you want hops for beer, you’ll struggle to find better beer hops than ours!

We are confident that we are selling world-leading beer hops in terms of quality. Geterbrewed has partnered with Barth Haas, Simply Hops & Hop Products Australia to act as their Irish Hop Distribution partners. We provide full technical support to the breweries that we sell hops to and have been focusing on true Cold Chain Storage from the Hop farm to our cold store at our warehouse; cold chain delivery and cold storage ensure you receive hops in their optimum condition.

Geterbrewed handles the hop pellets professionally, and we have been audited by the Worlds largest Hop Merchant and deemed to have surpassed their exceptionally high-quality control measures. All hops are cold stored at below 4 degrees, and when we repack hops for the homebrew community, we ensure the hops are nitrogen-flushed and vac sealed for maximum freshness. We recently added new branded Mylar hop bags that have a resealable strip at the top, so if you want to reseal them once open simple squeeze out the air and seal them and place them back into cold storage.

If you have any questions about our hop pellets or are unsure which variety would be suitable for your needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.