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We offer a huge range of Base Malts, Speciality Malts, Hops, Dried Yeast & Liquid Yeast.

Specialist All Grain Brewing Ingredient Supplier

The are four key brewing elements to making great beer;

All Grain Brewing Water

Get to know your water report first up you want to remove Chlorine or Chloramine then look at the alkalinity by checking your mash ph, aiming for 5.2 to 5.4ph, then its time to look at the other ions that are in your water, calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulphate. We can help you adjust your water chemistry with the chemicals and salts we stock, water calculators help with the quantities. Chloride and Sulphate are the ions that work together to determine the flavor and character of your beer.

Base Malt, Lightly Kilned Malts, Crystal malts...

Geterbrewed act as malt distributors for some of the largest maltings in the world, they hold significant stock in their malt distribution warehouse for the large amount of breweries they supply in Ireland. Malt isn’t only about impacting the colour, flavor and body of your beer, it’s important to look at the extract, the make-up of the grist, the wort ferment ability and not forgetting how its stored and milled. Geterbrewed take pride in providing fresh malt due to high malt stock turnover plus we crush malt fresh when its dispatched and use sieves to check the consistency of the crush. Traceability is also important for our pro brewer customers and we have the full audit trail, we have a huge malt storage area and know how to handle the malt correctly.

Hop Pellets for Homebrew & Microbrewery

All our hop pellets are correctly cold stored and nitrogen flushed in foil packaging, you want hops for their hop bitterness, hop flavour and hop hop aroma. Hop oils contribute more than just hop aroma to beer, they help with mouthfeel, foam and lacing and flavor stability, hops also have a unique anti-microbial property so they protect and preserve beer.

Dried Yeast & Liquid Yeast for Brewers

Geterbrewed distribute lallemand yeast to microbreweries in Ireland and stock a large range of dried and liquid yeasts for homebrewers, ranges from fermentis, mangrove jacks, lallemand, bioferm, brewferm, whitelabs and wyeast. We have strains of yeast that will allow you to brew every possible beer style. Including a diverse range of bacteria for sour beers.

The sheer size of the range of brewing ingredients we stock is available in any quantity from homebrew size recipes to tonne malt sacks for the largest breweries in the country