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35L BrewZilla Gen 4 + 3.1.1 - 12L Boiler Extension (Stainless steel)Ever wanted to punch out a few more litres of wort with your BrewZilla 35L? Maybe you wanted more strike water for a super sticky batch. Maybe you get boil overs a lot and would like a bit of extra protection. Now theres a soluti..
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BrewZilla 35 L Gen 4 - Boiler Extension Seal Seal between the extension and the BrewZilla 35 L. Gen 4 or 35 L. Digiboiler...
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BrewZilla All-In-One Brew System Gen 4 - 35LThe BrewZilla Gen 4 is designed to be a compact, single vessel all grain home brewing system with a delay timing feature and step mash functionality. Built to make batches up to 30 l, it is ideal if you want full control of your batch from s..
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BrewZilla Recirculation Extension Pipe Recirculate with ease with the Male to Female Camlock Extender! BrewZilla Recirculation Arm Extension is used with the Extended Malt Pipe. This is used to extend your recirculation arm when using the 12L or 24L BrewZilla Boiler extension. It gets the arm ..
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RAPT Pill - Hydrometer & Thermometer (Wifi & Bluetooth) RAPT Pill - Hydrometer & Thermometer (Wifi & Bluetooth)
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RAPT Pill - Hydrometer & Thermometer (Wifi & Bluetooth)The RAPT Pill allows true real-time specific gravity and temperature logging and control via wifi/BlueTooth integration with the RAPT fermentation chamber, RAPT mobile app or RAPT IoT. The RAPT Pill allows you to instantly re..
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Tri Clamp Bulkhead 2"Perfect if you want to fit a Steam Condenser or reflux to your BrewZilla or Digiboiler lid. The internal diameter is 35m...
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BrewZilla Brewing Systems

The BrewZilla all-in-one brew kettle has been used worldwide, winning homebrew competitions in every country it sold. It is the best-selling single-vessel brewing system in the world and can be used for home brewing, distillation, preserve canning, sous vide cooking or just as a boiler.