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Whiskey/Distilling Malt

Geterbrewed stock a wide range of the finest whiskey and distilling malts, we recommend the Crisp range of premium potstill malts, Crisp malt also produce a fantastic peated malt
Code: GEB3581
Crisp High Diastatic Power (HDP) Malt From barley grown in central Scotland and malted at Crisp's Alloa maltings, HDP Malt is used to produce grain whisky as well as other spirits where the majority of the grain bill lacks enzymes for conversion. At just 10% addition, this malt will convert any st..
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Code: GEB2221
Crisp Premium Distilling Malt Our Premium Distilling Malt, made from two-row spring barley, aims to deliver a high level of extract and fermentability, which combine together to provide the optimum level of predicted spirit yield (PSY)...
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Crisp Premium Peated Potstill Malt EBC  (EBC 3.0-4.5)
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Code: GEB2220
Crisp Premium Peated Potstill Malt EBC (3.0-4.5)Made from spring distilling approved varieties, our pot still malt is GNfree to avoid any ethyl carbamate issues in the still. Flavourful andhigh alcohol yielding, this malt is the workhorse of many a Scottish distillery.The north east of Scotland prod..
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Crisp Premium Scottish Heavy 50ppm Peat Malt (EBC None)
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Code: GEB3407
Crisp Premium Scottish Heavy 50ppm Peat Malt Crisp have been making peated malt at our Speyside maltings in Portgordon for the past 20 years. Crisp supply distillers not just in Scotland but all over the world including prominent whisky makers in Japan, the USA, Australia, Europe and England. ..
1kg Ex Tax:£1.94
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