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Digital Turbo Boil

The Digital Turbo Boil we sell is of high quality. It's perfect for brewing! Buy now at Geterbrewed, your specialist brew shop. Delivery throughout UK and Ireland!
Code: GEB3081
Digital Turbo Boiler 35 Litres The digital display can set the perfect electric boiler to a temperature from 0°C to 140°C. Set the temperature scale to 78°C, and you have the right water temperature for Sparging. Perfect in size for those who brew from 25 to 50 litres, brew, or need 5 to 30 litr..
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Code: GEB3080
Digital Turbo Boiler 65 Litres65L DigiBoil - Digital Turbo Boiler 3500wattThis digital turbo boiler is a quality-made 304-grade stainless steel turbo boiler. The 65 Litre size is the total-rated size brimful, so typically, if you use this as a beer boiler, you would probably only fill it up to 5..
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Code: GEB3929
35L BrewZilla Gen 4 + 3.1.1 - 12L Boiler Extension (Stainless steel)Ever wanted to punch out a few more litres of wort with your BrewZilla 35L? Maybe you wanted more strike water for a super sticky batch. Maybe you get boil overs a lot and would like a bit of extra protection. Now theres a soluti..
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Code: GEB3930
BrewZilla 35 L Gen 4 - Boiler Extension Seal Seal between the extension and the BrewZilla 35 L. Gen 4 or 35 L. Digiboiler...
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Code: GEB3921
Digi Boil 35 L Mash Upgrade Kit Digi Mash Upgrade Kit for Digi Boil 35l Turn your 35L Digi Boil into a Digi Mash system! This upgrade kit represents the best value in electric all-grain brewing. This is the most affordable way to get into electric all-gra..
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Code: GEB3931
Digi Boil 65 L Mash Upgrade Kit Ready to upgrade your DigiBoil into a DigiMash? With the DigiMash upgrade kit you can convert the DigiBoil into a full blown electric all-in-one system. Includes false bottom, malt pipe with bottom screen, wire support, and ..
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Code: GEB4311
Tri Clamp Bulkhead 2"Perfect if you want to fit a Steam Condenser or reflux to your BrewZilla or Digiboiler lid. The internal diameter is 35m...
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