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Geterbrewed stock a range of quality homebrewing thermometers, paying attention to temperature is key to successful brewing at home.
Code: GEB3566
Analogic Thermometer Analogic Thermometer with red alcoholLength: 26CMRange: -10 to 110°..
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Code: GEB3790
Brewferm Digipen Thermometer -50C/+150C This digital kitchen thermometer can be used for food or beverage preparation processes. Monitoring accurate temperature is crucial when you make beer or wine. You can also use it to measure the core temperature of meat or when tempering chocolate. Temperatur..
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Code: GEB2199
Brewferm Digital Probe Thermometer Water resistant probe (10,5 cm) and cable (1 meter) Actual temperature, MAX/MIN/HOLD Temperature alarm With table stand and magnet Suitable for foods (according to HACCP) IP 65 Range: -40°C up to +200°C Attention: only the probe is waterproof..
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Code: GEB1011
Digital Thermometer with 1m Probe Easly read temperature during any brew. Use it for mashing, boiling or fermenting temperature reading of beer, wine or cider. Features:Simple LCD panel Built-in clips for inserting into cutoutsMoisture-resistantAnti-interferenceLong probe line of 1m Specificatio..
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Code: GEB1010
Infrared ThermometerThis product is used to measure the surface temperature of an item. This is a Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer which means you can measure the temperature at a safe distance. It is also possible to get a temperature reading of an item that is hard to reach with a conventional pro..
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Code: GEB3483
Mad Millie Thermometer Stainless steel thermometer with attachment clip The Mad Millie Thermometer was designed chees making but can be used for any homebrew. The convenient clip allows you to attach the thermometer to a pot or vessel. Made of stainless steel which makes it durable and easy t..
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Code: GEB0400
Spirit Thermometer 12" Spirit Thermometer..
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Code: GEB0401
Stick-On LCD ThermometerLarge and easy to read, vertical, self-adhesive thermometer with a LCD for which continously shows the fermentaion temperature. No risk of breakage and does not come into contact with the liquid. Can also be mounted horizontally to keep away from heating belts...
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Code: GEB3450
Thermometer with Red Alcohol -20 to 110°CClassic Thermometer model with hook, yellow background. Easy to read Range from -20°C - 110°C Length 31 cm..
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Thrumometer (in line thermometer)
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Code: GEB0403
Thrumometer in-line thermometerGet your yeast off to a fast start. If your wort is too cold, you get long lag times and give bacteria more time to infect your beer. Too hot and off flavours can form. The ThruMometer allows you to adjust the wort and/or water flow rates in your counterflow heat excha..
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Code: GEB4118
Digital Instant Read Thermometer With Folding ProbeA perfect pocket temperature probe for homebrewing and BBQ! Check the temperature of your mash, whirlpool additions. With a range of-50°C to 300°C you will be hard-pressed not to get a temperature reading unless you live in an active volcano....
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Code: GEB4163
RAPT - Bluetooth ThermometerThis low energy RAPT enabled Bluetooth Thermometer is compatible with the Gen 4 BrewZillas and RAPT Temperature Controllers and RAPT Fermentation Chambers. It will not work without one or more of the devices listed above.By receiving multiple BLE thermometer sensors the B..
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Geterbrewed stock a range of quality homebrewing thermometers, paying attention to temperature is key to successful brewing at home.