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Microbrewery Lightly Kilned Malt

The Lightly Kilned Malt we stock is of high quality. Perfect for any microbrewery! Buy here at Geterbrewed today. Delivery throughout UK and Ireland!
Code: GEB4227
Muntons Dextrin Malt (EBC 0-7)Dextrin malt is carefully made to ensure that a high percentage of unfermentable sugars are retained without the malt picking up excessive colour. This makes it ideal for light beer styles where the core flavour profile will not be lost. Dextrin malt is designed to prov..
Code: GEB4279
Simpsons Amber Malt (EBC 54-71)A truly versatile, biscuity, roasted malt.Beer Styles: California Common, Stout & Extra Stout, Export, Best Bitter, Dark Lager, Fullers 1845Malt Flavour: Dry, BiscuitUsage: 5–20%Perhaps the most versatile of all our roasted products, Simpsons’ Amber Malt can be use..
Code: GEB4281
Simpsons Black Malt (EBC 1433-1900)Intense, rich and dark.Beer Styles: Porter, London Brown Ale, Black Hoppy Beers and Black LagerMalt Flavour: Cocoa, NeutralUsage: Up to 10%Our Black Malt is excellent for darkening beer colour without imparting too much astringency or roast characteristics. The fla..
Code: GEB4282
Simpsons Brown Malt (EBC 400-508)The secret to a good London Porter.Beer Styles: London Porter, Mid to Dark Belgian Styles, Brown AleMalt Flavour: Coffee BeansUsage: Up to 10%Our Brown Malt imparts a rich coffee aroma ideal for Stouts and Porters. It delivers a smooth mouthfeel and increases foam st..
Code: GEB4284
Simpsons Chocolate Malt (EBC 1067-1300)Rich, smooth and dark.Beer Styles: Winter Warmers, Porter and Stout, Dark Mild, BockMalt Flavour: Dark ChocolateUsage: Up to 10%Our Chocolate Malt gives beer a stunning dark brown colour. Chocolate overtones and hints of coffee bring richness and complexity at ..
Code: GEB4290
Simpsons Dextrin Malt (EBC 1.3-1.6)Adds body to beers.Beer Styles: Dark, Mild and Sweet StoutMalt Flavour: Mouthfeel and FoamUsage: Up to 5% to Improve Mouthfeel and Foam Stability in any Beer, 10–20% in Dark, Mild and Sweet StoutA handy little tool to keep up your sleeve, Dextrin Malt can be used s..
Code: GEB4277
Simpsons Pale Chocolate Malt (EBC 535-669)A lovely lightly roasted speciality maltBeer Styles: Winter Warmers, Brown Ale, Porter, Stout, Dark MildMalt Flavour: Light Roasty, CoffeeUsage: Up to 10%An addition to our product range in 2022, Pale Chocolate is a lightly roasted speciality malt.Our Brown ..
Code: GEB4299
Simpsons Roasted Barley Malt (EBC 1300-1900)The typical malt in dry, Irish-style stouts.Beer Styles: Irish Stout, Heavy, Imperial StoutMalt Flavour: Coffee BeansUsage: Up to 5%Roasted Barley is a typical ingredient of dry Irish Stouts. Although the colour specification is very similar to Black Malt,..
Code: GEB3851
GEB - French and Jupps Amber Malt (EBC 23-46)Brewers often use amber to produce a ‘Traditional I.P.A.’, a distinctively flavoured golden beer with a full dry palate.Our classic rare English Amber Malt is extraordinarily versatile and enjoyed by brewers of fine dark ales, porters and stouts. Freshly ..
Code: GEB3852
GEB - French and Jupps Black Malt (EBC 1350 min)The invention of the malt roaster in 1817 opened the opportunity for maltsters to produce the darkest of all speciality roasted malts – Black Patent Malt. Popular at the time were a range of robust beer styles; Plain Porter, Baltic Porter, Export, Stou..
Code: GEB3853
GEB - French and Jupps Brown Malt (EBC 115-150)Traditionally Brown Malt was produced in a special kiln which was heated by wooden poles and faggots. Hornbeam faggots were the most commonly used, cut to 5-foot lengths and burnt to give the malt a harsh, smoky and biscuity flavour.French and Jupps hav..
Code: GEB3856
GEB - French and Jupps Chocolate Malt (EBC 1020-1250)Striking notes of fresh roast coffee up front, supported by a balanced bitterness and light smoky notes. Extended roasting times result in a great depth of colour in these prized, speciality roasted malts. Rich dark treacle on ..
Code: GEB3859
GEB - French and Jupps Light Chocolate Malt (EBC 205-250)The latest malt to be introduced to our popular range of Chocolate Malts carrying all the classical characteristics of a Chocolate Malt. Our Light Chocolate Malt displays slightly reduced Roast notes, an enhanced sweet profile, supported by a ..
Code: GEB3862
GEB - French and Jupps Pale Chocolate Malt (EBC 450-700)French and Jupps’ Chocolate Malts have been a key ingredient for brewers globally in a wide range of Award-Winning Champion beers.Striking notes of fresh roast coffee up front, supported by a balanced bitterness and light smoky notes...
Code: GEB3863
GEB - French and Jupps Roasted Barley (EBC 1350-1700)Unmalted winter barley, grown in the local fertile farmland close to Stanstead Abbotts is gently roasted at high temperatures to a near-Black finish. A popular grist inclusion across a range of ales, extra special bitters throu..
Code: GEB3686
Dingemans Amber - Aromatic® MD Malt (40 - 60 EBC)Dingemans germinate their Amber - Aromatic® MD malt intensively and kiln it at higher temperatures, which means that many Maillard reactions occur during the production of these malts, which give the malt a strong malt aroma. This lends a red colour t..
Code: GEB3687
Dingemans Biscuit 50 MD (47 - 70 EBC)Biscuit 50 MD is the lightest of Dingemans roasted malts and is produced in the roasting drum. By immediately starting to roast the malt, it gets distinctive flavours and aromas of warm bread and cookies, as well as its distinct brown colour. This roasted malt ca..
Code: GEB3688
Dingemans Black Mroost 1400 MD (1300 - 1500 EBC)Dingemans Mroost 1400 MD malt, or de-bittered black, has been roasted in a roasting drum at high temperatures. When the malt reaches its desired colour, it’s quickly chilled. This Mroost 1400 MD malt has a strong aroma of chocolate and cocoa nibs and l..
Code: GEB3689
Dingemans Chocolate Mroost 900 MD (800 - 1000 EBC)Dingemans Mroost 900 MD malt, or chocolate malt, gets roasted in a roasting drum at high temperatures. When the malt reaches its desired colour, it’s quickly chilled. This Mroost 900 MD malt has a strong aroma of chocolate, cocoa nibs and coffee, and..
Code: GEB3690
Dingemans Chocolate Rye 300 MD (250 - 350 EBC)Dingemans Chocolate Rye 300 MD malt is produced by roasting Dingemans Rye Malt MD in a roasting drum at high temperatures. This malt gives the same malty and spicy flavours to your beer as the regular Rye Malt MD, but with added notes of chocolate, cocoa..
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