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Magnum Cider Kits

Magnum cider kits made from high quality European juices will make 40 pints of . The Magnum range of cider kits will make 40 pints of good quality cider at a reasonable cost. Cider available in 4 types, Apple, Pear (Perry), Strawberry and Elderflower.
Code: GEB2510
Magnum Apple Cider KitMade from 100% quality apple concentrate, this cider making kit produces a stunning apple cider with 5-6% alcohol and a very clear and crisp apple taste...
Ex Tax:£17.00
Code: GEB2512
Magnum Elderflower CiderWe have extracted the flavours and aromas from elderflowers with an alcohol solution which we later used to produce this cider kit with its excitingly clean and fresh taste of sparkling elderflowers...
Ex Tax:£17.00
Code: GEB2511
Magnum Pear Cider KitPossibly the only pure pear cider kit on the market. We use 100% pure pear concentrate to produce this fantastic Pear Cider...
Ex Tax:£17.00
Code: GEB2513
Magnum Strawberry CiderNothing symbolises summer more than strawberries and cider, so we have combined them both into the perfect summer drink, the Strawberry Cider...
Ex Tax:£19.16
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