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CO2 Regulator with 2 Manometers
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Code: GEB1079
CO2 Regulator with 2 Manometers Solid pressure regulator for CO2, equipped with a pressure exit manometer of 0-3 bar and an input pressure manometer for content indication of the CO2 cylinder. With over-pressure protection. Directly adjustable exit pressure (0-3 bar). Connection: tube holder 8 mm...
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Code: GEB1078
CO2-regulator 3 bar with 2 outputsRegulator for normal CO2 use, 3 bar. With content indication and 2 outputs for double CO2, use (e.g. for the BeerGun bottle filler 058.121.4, for fixing the gas tube to the BeerGun and the beer barrel)...
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Nitrogen Regulator With Two Manometers
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Code: GEB2894
Nitrogen Regulator With Two Manometers Inert Gas Regulator for Disposable Cylinder (N2 - Nitrogen, Ar - Argon, CO2 Compatible with M10 Thread)Includes:- Swivel nut and barb to suit 4mm ID, 5mm ID or 6.5mm ID beer and gas line.- 2 x Spare regulator washersDuotight Fitting compatibleTo use a push-in..
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Code: GEB2804
Regulator Type 30 With Dual Gauge Regulator Type 30 for Co2 and mix gas. Precision diaphragm for high flow rates and very accurate adjustment in kPa/Bar /PSI. Green 4,5Bar/ 65PSI pressure relief valve..
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Code: GEB2803
Regulator with 2 Connections Regulator to Co2 cylinder with 2 quick couplings...
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Code: GEB4188
Foam On Beer Detectors (FOBS)FOBs are installed in long draw draft beer systems to reduce beer waste and increase profits for the business. We aim to bring our FOB into the market as an affordable, the least cost option for those businesses who want to save on pouring their money down the drain!Foam..
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