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Code: GEB1079
CO2 Regulator with 2 Manometers Solid pressure regulator for CO2, equipped with a pressure exit manometer of 0-3 bar and an input pressure manometer for content indication of the CO2 cylinder. With over-pressure protection. Directly adjustable exit pressure (0-3 bar). Connection: tube holder 8 mm...
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Code: GEB1078
CO2-regulator 3 bar with 2 outputsRegulator for normal CO2 use, 3 bar. With content indication and 2 outputs for double CO2, use (e.g. for the BeerGun bottle filler 058.121.4, for fixing the gas tube to the BeerGun and the beer barrel)...
Ex Tax:£83.75
Code: GEB2894
Nitrogen Regulator With Two Manometers Inert Gas Regulator for Disposable Cylinder (N2 - Nitrogen, Ar - Argon, CO2 Compatible with M10 Thread)Includes:- Swivel nut and barb to suit 4mm ID, 5mm ID or 6.5mm ID beer and gas line.- 2 x Spare regulator washersDuotight Fitting compatibleTo use a push-in..
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Code: GEB2804
Regulator Type 30 With Dual Gauge Regulator Type 30 for Co2 and mix gas. Precision diaphragm for high flow rates and very accurate adjustment in kPa/Bar /PSI. Green 4,5Bar/ 65PSI pressure relief valve..
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Regulator Type 50 With Dual Gauge
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Code: GEB2805
Regulator Type 50 With Dual Gauge R egulator Type 50 for Nitrogen (N2) tor Stout/Nitro Coffee. Precision diaphragm for high flow rates and very accurate adjustment in kPa/Bar/PSI...
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Code: GEB2803
Regulator with 2 Connections Regulator to Co2 cylinder with 2 quick couplings...
Ex Tax:£59.04
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