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Bioferm Cool 100g - Dried Wine YeastSaccharomyces Cerevisiae var. Bayanus. Yeast is specially selected for its ability to ferment wines at low temperatures. Produces wines with a fruity character when slowly fermented at 13-17 °C. Ferments at temperatures starting at 8 °C!Dosage: 2 g/10 litres ..
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Code: GEB1498
High Ester, Aromatic Red Wine YeastThis Bioferm Rouge wine yeast has been developed and selected to help create a more aromatic red wine from your home wine making ingredients. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae is the yeast's full name, and it is essential for the fermentation of your wine. This particu..
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Code: GEB3130
Mangrove Jacks AW4 Wine YeastA highly aromatic strain suitable for white & rosé wines, this moderate fermenting yeast confers fragrant aromatic esters to the wine which enhance varietal expression and aroma. This positive aromatic impact can be used to complete the natural aromatic qualities of ..
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Code: GEB2288
Mangrove Jacks BV7 Wine YeastA multipurpose strain which enhances volume and intensity for full varietal flavour expression. This moderate fermenting yeast also promotes good body and structure, whilst still preserving and respecting the natural flavour and aroma characteristics of the grape. Its mu..
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Code: GEB2286
Mangrove Jacks CL23 Wine YeastA multi-purpose strain with a very neutral sensory impact, suitable for most wine styles but especially white, blush and sparkling wines. This fast fermenting yeast is highly robust, tolerating difficult fermentation conditions and alcohol levels up to 18% ABV.Note: Thi..
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Code: GEB2189
CR51 Premium Wine Yeast - For Fruity RedsA strain suitable for red wines, especially those intended to be light, fresh and fruity. This moderate fermenting strain produces soft, velvety-smooth wines with aromatic enhancement of red berry fruit notes.CR51 will enhance ripe berry fruit flavours in a l..
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Code: GEB3133
Mangrove Jacks CY17 Wine YeastA white wine strain for making both dry and sweet wines, and also rosé wines. This moderate fermenting yeast is also perfectly suited to making country style wines from fruits and flowers, as these flavours and aromas are naturally enhanced. This strain promotes body, a..
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Code: GEB1166
Mangrove Jacks M02 Cider Yeast A high ester-producing cider strain imparting wonderful flavour depth, revealing the full fruit potential. Makes exceptionally crisp, flavoursome and refreshing ciders. Suitable for brewing all types of cider. Aroma Characteristic:This strain promotes fruity aromas t..
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Code: GEB2188
MA33 Premium Wine Yeast for high acid winesThis strain has the ability to reduce malic acid by up to 30-35%, and reduce total titratable acidity, making it perfect for young wines intended for early consumption, and for use with fruits high in acid. This moderate fermenting yeast will soften the pal..
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Code: GEB2287
Mangrove Jacks R56 Wine YeastA strain suitable for red wines which enhances body and mouthfeel, develops complex fruit flavours/aromas, and promotes structure and longevity. This moderate fermenting yeast is ideal for both new and old world styles, producing complex and interesting fruit-driven red ..
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Code: GEB2187
Mangrove Jacks SN9 Wine YeastA general purpose strain with a relatively neutral sensory impact, suitable for almost any wine style. This fast fermenting yeast is highly robust, tolerating difficult fermentation conditions and alcohol levels up to 18% ABV.Note: This yeast is blended with vitamins and..
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Code: GEB3132
Mangrove Jacks VR21 Wine YeastA strain suitable for all styles of red wine (except high alcohol wines above 15% ABV), this moderate fermenting yeast produces well-structured, well-balanced wines with enhanced dark fruit notes and good palate length. The positive organoleptic impact of this strain al..
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Code: GEB3875
Vinoferm Arom 100 g - Dried Wine Yeast(Formerly: Bioferm Aromatic)Special granular yeast for fermenting mainly modern white wines with fresh fruit aromas (strawberries, apricots, bananas); also suitable for rosé wines or for Orange wine. Excellent for aromatic wines that are drunk young.A fermentati..
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Code: GEB1500
Vinoferm Champ 100g - Dried Wine YeastSpecial neutral granular yeast for sparkling wine production by the traditional method. Good flocculation properties, can also be used in stagnant fermentation or for refermentation.  With the traditional method this yeast produces wines of great fin..
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Code: GEB4112
Vinoferm Cryo White 100g - Dried Wine YeastSpecial granular yeast for the fermentation of white wines, which require an improved aromatic profile. It ensures a good low-temperature fermentation with increased succinic acid and glycerol production. Ideal for the cold maceration and fermentation proce..
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Vinoferm KY 100g - Dried Wine Yeast
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Code: GEB3877
Vinoferm KY 100g - Dried Wine Yeast(Formerly: Bioferm Killer)Special granular yeast for the fermentation of wines with a killer factor. This fructophilic yeast enhances natural fruit aromas! Ideal for use in stalled fermentation, for secondary fermentation and for wines with a high must weight witho..
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Code: GEB1499
Vinoferm Sauvignon 100g - Dried Wine Yeast(Formerly: Bioferm Blanc)Special granular yeast for fermenting primarily white wines, specific types of Sauvignon or other fresh and intensely aromatic wines. Produces fresh wines with intense aromas, citrus, spicy, tropical fruit, and boxwood. It can be use..
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Code: GEB1501
Vinoferm VB Arom 100g - Dried Wine Yeast(Formerly: Bioferm Doux)Special granular yeast for the fermentation of primarily white wines. Provides elegant, aromatic, creamy, nuanced wines with mainly floral aromas (white flowers) and fruity notes (peach, apricot). High production of 2-phenylethanol (ros..
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Code: GEB4002
Fermentis SafCider™ AB‑1 (Ex SafCider) 5gThe right choice for balanced ciderEnsures a very good assimilation of fructose and excellent for low gravity ciders.   Excellent settlement strength even with its sensitive to killer phenotypeRegular kineticBroad fermentation temperature spectrum: ..
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Code: GEB4004
Fermentis SafCider™ AC‑4 5gIdeal to produce fresh and crisp ciderEnsures a very good assimilation of fructose and excellent for low gravity ciders.Excellent settlement strength thanks to its killer phenotypeFast kineticBroad fermentation temperature spectrum: 10-30°C (50-86°F)Low nitrogen requiremen..
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