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Muntons Spraymalt Wheat
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Code: GEB0082
Muntons Spraymalt Wheat Wheat spraymalt is great for all traditional wheat beer styles. Adds extra body and richness. Especially useful when brewing German style wheat beers and as an aid to head retention in normal beer styles. Made using only the finest premium malts. Spray-dried into a fine..
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Crisp Hana Heritage Pilsen Malt (EBC 2.0-4.0)
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Code: GEB2696
Crisp Hana Heritage Pilsen MaltThe Hana variety of barley was first developed and grown in the Hana region of Czech Moravia, an area of Europe long fabled for its high quality malting barley. Hana malt’s early claim fame was that it was made up the mash of the first ever golden blond Pilsner lager, ..
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Crisp Heritage Chevallier Ale Malt  (EBC 6.7) Crisp Heritage Chevallier Ale Malt  (EBC 6.7)
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Code: GEB2180
Crisp Heritage Chevallier Ale Malt (EBC 6.7) Crisp Chevallier is characterised by warm cracker and biscuit aromas with a full flavour. Compared to many modern barleys its aroma and flavour are quite pronounced. Suitable for any malt-forward ale such as a big robust barley wine. Alterna..
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Crisp Plumage Archer Malt (EBC 3.6)
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Code: GEB3435
Crisp Plumage Archer Malt Chevalier was the dominant barley planting in the UK during the 19th Century. Chevallier was a landrace; a non-crossed variety that flourished in locally adapted conditions. Plumage Archer barley was developed as plant science became more understood, by Dr ES Beaven at ..
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Crisp Premium Distilling Malt (EBC None)
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Code: GEB2221
Crisp Premium Distilling Malt Our Premium Distilling Malt, made from two-row spring barley, aims to deliver a high level of extract and fermentability, which combine together to provide the optimum level of predicted spirit yield (PSY)...
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