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The finest selection of base malts in the homebrew industry, you can buy in a quantity that suits your needs, all malts available as whole malt and crushed malt, we crush malt fresh the day its dispatched, with delivery across the UK and Ireland!
Code: GEB2130
Crisp Best Ale Malt (EBC 5.0-7.0)The principle ingredient in cask and bottled ales, porters and stouts Tasting Notes: Balanced Malt Sweetness Shelf Life: 1 year as whole malt indry & pest free conditions Our Best Ale malt is the workhorse of many a brewery and isat home in a variety of beer s..
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Code: GEB2218
Crisp Clear Choice Ale Malt (EBC 4.5 - 6.5)Clear Choice Malt is produced from proanthocyanidin-free malting barley. This type of variety was first bred inthe early 1970’s and these varieties do not contain proanthocyanidins thus one of the precursors of biologicalhaze is absent in the resultant malt..
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Code: GEB2135
Crisp Dark Munich Malt (EBC 40-50)A magical thing happens when amino acids and reducing sugarscombine at critical temperatures; the Maillard reaction. Starting withhigher protein spring barley we proceed to a slow, wet germination to utilisethe barley enzymes to hydrolyse protein and convert starch ..
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Code: GEB2131
Crisp Extra Pale Malt (EBC 2.5-3.5)Lower colour version of Crisp Best Malt suitable for lager and golden ale brewingMoisture MAXExtract TYPICALEBC RANGENitrogen RANGESNR RANGE4.53102.5 - 3.51.4 - 1.6538 - 43..
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Code: GEB3425
Crisp Extra Pale Maris Otter Malt (EBC 2.5-3.5)Maris Otter has been grown for malting for more than 45 years and its pedigree and track record ofdelivering, year after year, consistent, processable and flavoursome malt is unsurpassed. Crisp Malting Group have developed a low colour (extra pale) Mar..
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Code: GEB2128
Crisp Finest Maris Otter Pale Ale (EBC 5.0-7.0)The consistently reliable Maris Otter continues to provide the qualities expected by the brewer Moisture MAX Extract TYPICAL EBC RANGE Nitrogen RANGE SNR Range 3.5 308 5 - 7 1.4 - 1.6 38 - 43..
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Code: GEB2821
Crisp German Pilsen (EBC 3 - 4) The higher molecular weight proteins give excellent head retention and mouthfeel. High levels of speciality malt and non-malted cereals can be used with this malt while maintaining fermentation vigour. This malt can be used in single temperature mashing but..
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Code: GEB2696
Crisp Hana Heritage Pilsen MaltThe Hana variety of barley was first developed and grown in the Hana region of Czech Moravia, an area of Europe long fabled for its high quality malting barley. Hana malt’s early claim fame was that it was made up the mash of the first ever golden blond Pilsner lager, ..
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Code: GEB2180
Crisp Heritage Chevallier Ale Malt (EBC 6.7) Crisp Chevallier is characterised by warm cracker and biscuit aromas with a full flavour. Compared to many modern barleys its aroma and flavour are quite pronounced. Suitable for any malt-forward ale such as a big robust barley wine. Alterna..
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Code: GEB2132
Crisp Lager (Europils) Malt (EBC 2.5-3.5)Traditional European style malt suitable for all pilsner types Moisture MAX Extract TYPICAL EBC RANGE Nitrogen RANGE SNR RANGE 4.5 310 2.5 - 3.5 1.5 - 1.75 36 - 40..
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Code: GEB2134
Crisp Light Munich Malt (EBC 15 -25)Our light Munich malt is created by taking Vienna malt a stage furtherin the kiln. The additional heat promotes melanoidin reactions toproduce rich bread crust flavours. Again, light Munich malt can be used as abase since the enzymes are suitably preserved in this..
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Code: GEB2178
Crisp No.19 Floor Made Maris OtterMalted traditionally in number 19 floor malting in Great Ryburgh, deep tradition , artistry and skill are required, the modern use of these floors sees the exact same techniques used that have always been used. Floor malting imparts richer aroma and flavour in this ..
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Code: GEB2216
Crisp Organic Extra Pale Malt (EBC 2.5 - 4.0)Crisp Malting Group Organic Malt fully complies with the strict regulations which govern the qualification offoods as ‘organic’. These rules and systems, having their basis in EU law, apply not only to the handling andprocessing of the organic barley at t..
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Code: GEB3435
Crisp Plumage Archer Malt Chevalier was the dominant barley planting in the UK during the 19th Century. Chevallier was a landrace; a non-crossed variety that flourished in locally adapted conditions. Plumage Archer barley was developed as plant science became more understood, by Dr ES Beaven at ..
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Code: GEB2149
Crisp Rye Malt 2019 (EBC 12-32) Wholesale Crisp Malting Group produces a range of special malted products from an assortment of cereals, including wheat, naked oats and rye. These products have a range of special attributes that provide the brewer with unique opportunities to develop dis..
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Code: GEB2133
Crisp Vienna Malt (EBC 5.0-9.0)In the 1840s English maltsters developed air kilning techniques that wouldpave the way for light coloured beers. German brewers took this techniqueback to Vienna and Munich respectively and the malt styles were born. OurVienna malt is made from English 2-row spring bar..
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Code: GEB2147
Crisp Wheat Malt (EBC 2.5-4.5)In brewing, wheat malt can be used as the base malt at around 55%inclusion for wheat beers and, when mixed with barley malt, wheat maltcan improve head retention, improve mouthfeel and introduce flavourchanges in other beer types. Wheat malt is low in -glucan. Even whe..
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Code: GEB3499
Weyermann® Barke® Munich (EBC 17-22) Strong malt flavour and classic character with enhanced body and dark-beer aroma. Excellent process characteristics in the brew house and during filtration for increased extract efficiency. Tasting Notes: Richly malt-aromatic; notes of honey, and biscui..
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Code: GEB3497
Weyermann® Barke® Pilsner (EBC 2.5-4.5) For authentic lagers and enhances body and mouthfeel substantially. Excellent process characteristics in the brew house and during filtration for increased extract efficiency. Aroma: Intense malt aromas Beer Styles: Pilsner Bavarian Helles Lage..
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Weyermann® Barke® Vienna  (EBC 6.0-9.0)
Code: GEB3498
Weyermann® Barke® Vienna (EBC 6-9) THE malt for authentic lagers. Full-bodied golden and colour smooth taste. Excellent process characteristics in the brew house and during filtration or increased extract efficiency. Tasting Notes: Intensely malty-sweet; gentle notes of honey and nuts (almo..
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