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We stock an outstanding range of microbrewery supplies. Perfect for brewing! Buy online at Geterbrewed today. Professionally delivered throughout UK and Ireland!

Geterbrewed proudly represents and exclusively distributes world-leading brewing ingredients throughout UK and Ireland.

The finest craft brewing ingredients are stored correctly and available in quantity to suit your needs. Geterbrewed has a purpose-built brewing ingredient distribution centre in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, we supply the UK and Irish brewers with Malt, Hops, Yeast, Water Treatments and Brewing Process Aids.

You can now buy all your brewery ingredients in one location and have them shipped to your brewery promptly. The finest ingredients are backed up with full technical support. Talk to us about your brewery ingredients. We are confident we can provide an excellent service bringing real value and a range of world-leading brewing ingredients.

Wholesale Malt

Malt is available whole or crushed. We ensure that all malt is crushed correctly and measured using grist fractions. We act as exclusive distributors for Crisp Malt and hold stock of their entire malt catalogue and have the ability to
offer a range of unique malts specific to your brewery's requirements.

Malts and Grains

Wholesale Hops

World-leading hop varieties cold chain delivered to our warehouse and cold-stored at below 4 degrees. We can offer T90, Lupomax and BBC enhanced hop pellets, leaf hops and a wide range of innovative hop products. We are forward planning hop contracts for several years in advance to ensure a consistent supply of the most sought-after hop varieties. We work exclusively with Barth Haas/Simply Hops and can offer Hop Products Australia hops, so we have the widest selection of any hop merchant.

Microbrewery Hops

Wholesale Yeast

Premium quality yeast strains from Lallemand and Fermentis are cold stored in our brewing ingredient store. A wide selection of yeast nutrition is also available for optimum fermentation practices in your brewery. Bacteria for brewing beer is also available with new innovative premium quality brewing products that allow you, the brewer, to safely brew with bacteria. We exclusively distribute the entire Lallemand range throughout Ireland and also supply wet yeast from Wyeast and White Labs.

Microbrewery Yeast

Water Treatment

A range of brewing salts and water treatments to build any water profile you require for brewing any beer style.

Water Treatment

Brewing Process Aids

A range of beer stabilisers, wort clarifiers, nutrients, anti-foam, finings etc. These products are backed up by a fully equipped lab and technical support centre from a team of qualified brewers.

Process Aids

Brewiks Microbrewery Equipment

Ranging from a small-scale brewpub plug & amp; brew kit to a commercial large-scale brewing system that will allow you to distribute beer on a large scale. Brewiks have the knowledge & expertise earned from being in the brewing business for 27 years, and they have partnered with Get Er Brewed as their Irish and UK distributor.

Brewiks Equipment