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Microbrewery Yeast 500g

We sell a range of quality yeast. Perfect for any microbrewery! Buy online today here at Geterbrewed today. Delivery throughout UK and Ireland!

Yeast for Microbreweries

We offer dried yeast from Lallemand, AEB Brewing and Fermentis and wet/liquid yeast from White Labs & Wyeast.

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Liquid Yeast

In yeast, we trust!
The diversity of yeast available at GEB is quite remarkable. Modern craft brewers innovate and create new sensory experiences in flavour and aroma; yeast contributes significantly to this. Fermentation potential is extensive with the wide range of yeast products Geterbrewed supplies to breweries. We want to inspire brewers to be creative with our fermentation products and consistently achieve their quality goals.

Distributers for Lallemand

Lallemand Brewing offers a wide range of products that assist brewers in achieving growth and quality goals. Lallemand has a dedicated brewing yeast production facility and operates with the world’s highest and strictest quality and purity, ensuring unmatched performance and reliability. Backed up with full technical support if you need it. That is the real added value to knowing they brew with you!

Distributers for Fermentis

Fermentis works with professionals worldwide in the beer, cider, wine, spirits and other fermented beverages industries. Their offerings encompass almost every need, from safeguarding production to delivering desired sensory characteristics. On top of providing outstanding products, Fermentis aims to share its most precious asset: knowledge. They offer specialised expert advisors worldwide who can provide guidance and advice. For Fermentis, service truly means something.

Distributors for AEB Brewing

AEB Brewing is a division of the AEB Group, a leader in yeast, filtration, detergents, equipment and biotechnology for the beer, wine, and food industries. Since 1963, AEB has expanded globally with a growing portfolio of products, solutions, and equipment. We have worked closely with AEB Brewing to bring you an exclusive range of premium yeasts. These have been specially selected for the UK and Ireland markets so that you can confidently brew your favourite beer.

Dry Brewing Yeast

Dry yeast contains less than 7% water, and manufacturing quality control procedures avoid microbial contamination. There is remarkable stability with dried yeast; most strains contain 5 billion viable cells per 1g of active dried yeast.

Bacteria for brewing

Designed for easy, consistent and reliable sour beer fermentation. Our friend, Robert Percival at Lallemand, has pioneered this project to make sour beer production safe and easy.

Yeast Nutrition

We highly recommend that you support, aid and supplement your fermentation process. The costs for yeast nutrition are insignificant when you consider the performance. As brewers push the boundaries with higher gravity beers and use more adjuncts in experimenting, it's essential not to cause yeast stress and to have the proper nutritional support in the form of yeast nutrients.