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Geterbrewed stock a range Fermzilla and Fermzilla Spares
Code: GEB2652
3/8” Thread Weldless Thermowell Stainless Steel..
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BlowTie Spunding Valve Kit BlowTie Spunding Valve Kit
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Code: GEB3678
BlowTie Spunding Valve Kit VERSION 2BlowTie Complete Kit (Diaphragm Spunding Valve)This kit has been designed for simplicity and ease of putting together. If you want to control the pressure retained in a pressure vessel that is releasing pressure, then the BlowTie Diaphram Spunding Valve is the too..
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Code: GEB2834
Carbonation & Line Cleaning Cap Need to clean your beer line? Carbonate your unfizzy beer quickly? Want to take a traveller over to mates? Then do yourself a favour and grab Carbonation & Line Cleaning Cap. This versatile cap can be used for gas in or liquid out. The thread fits perfect..
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Code: GEB4117
Duotight Bulkhead 8 mm - 1/4" with SS NutThis fitting is ideally used with Twister Cooling / Heating coil 3/8" - 1/2"..
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Duotight Bulkhead 8 mm - 1/4" with SS Nut Duotight Bulkhead 8 mm - 1/4" with SS Nut
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Code: GEB3792
Duotight Bulkhead 8 mm - 1/4" with SS NutThis fitting is ideally used with the 60cm Stainless Steel Thermowell for use in the FermZilla Range, Kegmenter range or even drilled into an HDPE fermenter. If you do not wish to use it for a thermowell purpose, this fitting can be used with the EVABarrie..
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Code: GEB2796
FermZilla - 1000ml Collection Container with Lid, Caps and O-ringThis yeast collection container can fit the FermZilla fermenters and is primarily used for collection and addition of hops and yeast via the butterfly valve.This collection container can also be used for yeast starters meaning that you..
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Fermzilla 27 Litre Insulated Jacket
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Code: GEB2801
Fermzilla 27 Litre Insulated JacketThis jacket is designed to insulate your FermZilla and obtain a correct temperature. Blocks any light/UV..
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Code: GEB2990
FermZilla 35 L. Insulated Jacket35 L. Insulated Jacket. This jacket is designed to insulate your FermZilla and to obtain a correct temperature. Blocks any light/UV..
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Code: GEB2800
Fermzilla 55 Litre Insulated Jacket55 L. Insulated Jacket. This jacket is designed to insulate your FermZilla and to obtain a correct temperature.Manufacturer: Kegland..
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Code: GEB2998
Brew more at home with the FermZilla 30L The FermZilla 30L All Rounder is the perfect compact fermentation vessel for home brewers that can be used for fermenting under pressure, carbonating and dispensing. Incl. Fermenter body, stainless steel frame, airlock and lid with red pressure relief valv..
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Fermzilla Butterfly Dump Valve
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Code: GEB2799
Fermzilla Butterfly Dump ValveThe gasket inside the Butterfly dump valve.FermZilla..
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Code: GEB3131
Fermzilla Float With Dip Tube60cm silicone dip tube and stainless float.Ensure that only the top layer of beer is poured from the Fermentasaurus...
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Code: GEB3085
Fermzilla Lid for Thermowell and TwisterTake the risk away from drilling your own ports for the Temp Twister and Thermowell for your FermZilla. This lid has 2 ports for the Temp Twister and 1 port for a Thermowell already, with one extra section to drill if you are wanting to add any other accessory..
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Fermzilla O Ring For Yeast Harvesting Container
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Code: GEB2797
Fermzilla O Ring For Yeast Harvesting ContainerFor FermZilla..
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Code: GEB3090
Fermzilla Pressure KitWith the pressure kit, the beer can be carbonated to a desired pressure and dispensed directly to bottles/kegs or you can connect it to a draft system. Can be used with the Fermzilla All Rounder 30l fermenter and Fermzilla All Rounder 60L fermenters...
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Code: GEB3084
Fermzilla Temp Twister Cooling / Heating Coil The Fermzilla Temp Twister allows you to use a glycol chiller to heat and cool your FermZilla or any other fermenter or bright tank that has an opening of 110mm diameter or larger. The Temp Twister comes with 2 Duotight bulkhead fittings and o rings w..
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Code: GEB3102
Fermzilla Thermowell 60cm x 8mm with Duotight FittingThis thermowell fits into any 8mm Hole and can be installed into almost any fermenter lid. It suits a 5mm OD temperature probe.Having the thermowell attach to the lid of a fermenter is ideal as it means the penetration through the fermenter body i..
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Fermzilla Threaded Lid Ring
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Code: GEB2798
Fermzilla Threaded Lid RingThreaded lid ring for tightening the lid...
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Code: BUN3576
Jump Straight Into All Grain Starter Kit If you want to be a master craft brewer without the expense, this could help you on your way. The full package includes EVERYTHING you will need including a recipe to brew successfully and consistently. What is included in your All Grain Starter Kit? ..
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