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Customised Grain Kit

For all grain brewers - start making your own recipes!

Get Er Brewed lead the market with another bespoke service never seen before in the homebrew industry, build your perfect all-grain kit, and enjoy the freshest ingredients and an excellent price. All malts are packaged carefully into one single plastic packaging, and hops are foil vacuum packed.

Key Benefits

  • The Exact Amount of Malt, Adjuncts & Hops that you need No Waste + Best Value
  • Malt available whole or crushed. Prepared fresh for each order
  • Resealable foil hop packets, environment-proof packaging to protect the freshest hops
  • Large selection of Liquid & Dried Yeast Free Ice packs with all liquid yeast
  • Beer Spices for a genuinely individual craft beer Unforgettable Flavours


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