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Geterbrewed stock quality brewing equipment, add anything from a heat tolerant plastic tap to a stainless steel ball valve tap to your fermenters and kettles
Code: GEB2024
Beer Tap with Sediment Trap SystemThis tap needs a hole of 25mm to fit into the wall of your plastic fermenter, on the inside it has a screw on sediment trap Also available to add a bottle filling stick to it, tap has a reducer moulded end..
Ex Tax:£1.88
Code: GEB0371
BIB TapsScrew into BIB as replacement taps..
Ex Tax:£1.66
Code: GEB0297
Bottling Tap suitable for bottle filling stickA handy bottling tap for adding to the bottom of your fermentation bin. The tap needs a 25mm diameter hole and the end of the tap will fit a bottle filling stick, the addition of a bottle filling stick means no syphon is required when bottling, this is o..
Ex Tax:£2.38
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