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Microbrewery Fermentis 500g

We stock the outstanding Fermentis Yeast range. It's perfect for brewing any beer! Buy here at Geterbrewed. Delivery throughout UK and Ireland!
Fermentis SafAle™ BE-134 Yeast 500g
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Code: GEB3043
Fermentis SafAle™ BE-134 Yeast 500gThis typical brewer’s yeast strain is recommended for well-attenuated beers, produces fruity, floral and phenolic notes and a dry character. Produces highly refreshing beers, it is ideal for Belgian-Saison style. Sedimentation: Slow Fermentation temperature: ..
Code: GEB3044
Fermentis SafAle™ BE-256 Yeast 500gActive dry brewer’s yeast recommended to ferment a diversity of Belgian type beers such as abbey style known for its fruitiness and high alcohol content. It ferments very fast and reveals strong fermentation aromas. To maintain the aromatic profile at the end of th..
Fermentis SafAle™ K-97 Yeast 500g
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Code: GEB3261
Fermentis SafAle™ K-97 Yeast 500g German ale brewer’s yeast producing subtle fermentation character. Depending on the conditions tend to present floral and balanced fruity character. Ideal for delicate beers such as German Kolsch beers, Belgian Wits and some versions of Session Beers. Suitable for h..
Code: GEB2758
Fermentis SafAle™ S-04 Yeast 500gEnglish ale brewer’s yeast selected for its fast fermentation profile. Produces balanced fruity and floral notes. Due to its flocculation power, tends to produce beers with higher clarity. Ideal for a large range of American and English Ales – including highly hopped..
Code: GEB3041
Fermentis SafAle™ S-33 Yeast 500gFruity driven strain, gives a high mouthfeel and body to the beer. Ideal for Belgian Ales (Blond, Dubbel, Tripel, Quadrupel Styles) and strong English ales (ex. Imperial Stouts). It is also ideal for New England IPA’s. Yeast with a medium sedimentation: forms no clum..
Fermentis SafAle™ T-58 Yeast 500g
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Code: GEB3047
Fermentis SafAle™ T-58 Yeast 500gSpecialty brewer’s yeast selected for its strong fermentation character, intense fruity and phenolic flavors – especially banana, clove and peppery notes. Suitable for a great variety of wheat-base beers and fruity-spicy oriented styles. Yeast with a medium sedimenta..
Code: GEB2759
Fermentis SafAle™ US-05 500gThe ideal strain for typical American Ales. American ale brewer’s yeast producing neutral and well-balanced ales, clean and crispy. Forms a firm foam head and presents a very good ability to stay in suspension during fermentation. Ideal for American beer types and highly..
Code: GEB3023
Fermentis SafAle™ WB-06 Yeast 500g Brewer’s yeast providing fruity and phenolic character, varying with the fermentation conditions. Produces well-attenuated beers and it is ideal for wheat base beers, such as Belgian and German Styles (Ex. Wit Beers and Weizen Beers). Produces typical phenolic not..
Fermentis SafBrew™ DA-16 Yeast 500g
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Code: GEB3258
Fermentis SafBrew™ DA-16 Yeast 500gSafBrew™ DA-16 is a powerful solution (consisting of Active Dry Yeast and enzymes) for the production of very dry and flavorful beers, particularly fruity and hoppy ones such as Brut IPAs. SafBrew™ DA-16 is also recommended for very high gravity wort, allowing a le..
Code: GEB3051
Fermentis SafBrew™ HA-18 Yeast 500gSafBrewTM HA-18 is a powerful solution (consisting of POF+ Active Dry Brewer’s Yeast and enzymes) for the production of high-gravity and particularly high alcoholic beers – such as strong ales, barley wines and barrel aged beers with very high density. It has a ver..
Fermentis SafBrew™ LA-01 Yeast 500g
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Code: GEB3259
Fermentis SafBrew™ LA-01 Yeast 500gSafBrew™ LA-01, is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. chevalieri that has been specifically selected for the production of low and/or non-alcoholic beverages (<0.5ABV). This yeast does not assimilate maltose and maltotriose but assimilates simple sugars (glucose, f..
Code: GEB3050
Fermentis SafLager™ S-189 Yeast 500gOriginating from the Hürlimann brewery in Switzerland. This lager yeast strain’s profile allows to brew fairly neutral flavor beers with a high drinkability. Depending on the conditions, it tends to present noticeable herbal and floral notes to lager beers. S..
Fermentis SafLager™ S-23 Yeast 500g
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Code: GEB3108
Fermentis SafLager™ S-23 Yeast 500g Bottom fermenting brewer’s yeast originating from Berlin in Germany. It’s recommended for the production of fruitier and more estery lagers. Its profile gives beers with a good length on the palate. Sedimentation: Fast Fermentation temperature: 80 to 120 g/hl at ..
Code: GEB2757
Fermentis SafLager™ W 34/70 Yeast 500gThe bottom fermenting strain originating from Weihenstephan. This yeast allows brewing beers a good balance of floral and fruity aromas and gives clean flavors and high drinkable beers. - Sedimentation: Fast - Fermentation temperature: 80 to 120 g/hl at id..
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Fermentis Dried Yeast

Fermentis works with everyone in the world of beer, wine, spirits and other fermented beverages. Their products and services cover almost all professional requirements, from safeguarding production to expressing sensory characteristics.
Based in the North of France, Fermentis is a Business Unit of the Lesaffre Group: a key global player in yeasts and fermentation solutions.

Striving for excellence

Your expectations? Reliable products and stability over time. That’s what Fermentis provide. Indeed, those are the features that the market recognizes in our products. For over 160 years, they have focused on yeast and all the applications it can offer. Fermentis strains are of the highest quality. Everything produced from this natural, delicate, living microorganism meets the same high-quality standards.