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The malt mills we sell are of high quality. It's perfect for brewing! Buy here at Geterbrewed today. Delivery throughout UK and Ireland!
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2 Roller Mill with basePremium quality 2 roller malt mill, made from aircraft grade aluminium and hardened steel rollers, the hopper is aluminium, ball bearing allow for effective longterm use and a drill can be easily attached for crushing if you remove the manual handle. The hardened steel roller..
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3 Roller mill with base
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Code: GEB2306
Premium quality three roller model mill, made with aircraft grade aluminium & hardened steel rollers. Full adjustability from 0-0.063" The hardened steel roller is 6" long x 1.5" diameter, this is a serious malt mill, you can easily attach a drill by simply removing the manual handle, the hopper is..
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Code: GEB2810
Brewferm Grain Gorilla Malt Mill With Adjustable Stainless Steel Rollers Grain Gorilla, the King Kong of the grain grinders. The adjustable stainless steel rollers assure your malt is just as finely crushed as intended. Thanks to the handy side knobs, you can easily and instantly adjust the mill t..
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Code: GEB1959
Bulldog Malt MillThe Bulldog malt mill has a 7-litre volume hopper and operates with a crankshaft or has the option to attach a drill.A fully adjustable crushing gap allows you to crush your grain to any size you are needing.Freshness in your malt is key to successful brewing. If you need the freshe..
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Code: GEB0388
Grain Mill from Brewferm An affordable Brewferm® grain crusher in tinned cast iron suitable for manually crushing malt or grinding maize, grains, seeds... Set the desired thickness by simply tightening or loosening the adjustment screw. Attention: don’t crush too finely! A good choice for br..
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Grainfather Electric Grain Mill & Mounting Board Grainfather Electric Grain Mill & Mounting Board
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Code: GEB3719
Grainfather Electric Grain Mill & Mounting BoardThe ultimate bundle for crushing fresh grain at home. Create fresher batches of beer by bulk buying your own grain and crushing it at home, just before you brew This product package includes the Electric Grain Mill and the Grain Mill Bamboo Mounti..
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Code: GEB3307
MaltZilla with Integrated 24v Motor - The Diamond Grain Mill - Standard Diamond RollersThe long awaited MaltZilla is finally here. A large amount of research and development has gone into designing, manufacturing and testing the MaltZilla Diamond Mill.With an integrated 24v Motor powerful enough to ..
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Premium Cast Iron Malt Mill - Brewferm Premium Cast Iron Malt Mill - Brewferm
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Code: GEB1109
Premium Cast Iron Malt Mill - Brewferm High-quality grain crusher in tinned cast iron for crushing malt for beer brewing. Also suitable for grinding maize, grains, seeds, etc. The grain mill has a large hopper and has the capacity to do up to 30 kg per hour. A good choice for brewers who wo..
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Code: GEB3878
Brewferm Grain Gorilla Pro Malt Mill - With 3 Stainless Steel RollersStep up your milling game with the 3 roll Grain Gorilla Pro. Bigger, better, beastlier than ever. The 3 rolls will shred your grain apart for maximum efficiency. Mill up to 100 kg/h.More accurate and easily readable roller gap meas..
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Milling your grain fresh is a great way to get the most out of your malt. Our range of high-quality malt mills is perfect for the job. They will make milling at home quick and easy.