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Beer Making Kits & HomeBrew Beer Kits

Brewing your own beer can be a very satisfying and rewarding hobby to take up. Investing in a beer making kit can be a great first step towards creating the perfect beverage to share with friends and loved ones, or even keep to yourself. Our beer starter kits offer everything you need when taking up this exciting hobby.Browse our range of beer brewing kits below.

What are Beer Making Kits?

If you’d love to brew a cold one at home, a beer home brewing kit is a perfect opportunity. Most homebrewing beer kits are made up of isomerised liquid malt extract and you brew them by simply rehydrating the liquid malt and fermenting them with the included sachet of yeast. Malt extract is an extremely powerful ingredient in the beer making starter kit and is great for beginners as it eliminates the need to monitor temperatures and volumes stringently.

Our beer making kits provide an easy way to start brewing without having to extensively research the equipment you need. If you’re unsure the type of equipment you require for brewing a certain type of beer, let us know and our passionate, beer-loving team will help you out.

Is a Homebrew Beer Kit a Good Idea?

We certainly think so! Not only is it a hobby for beer lovers, but it’s a hobby that creates results that everyone can enjoy. You can keep it for yourself, or can be a great personal gift for family and friends. Over time, you’ll find yourself getting more adventurous as you become familiar with your beer making kit. You’ll find that your beer tastes even better than the branded versions you can find in supermarkets.

A beer brewing kit is also a great investment if you’re looking to save money long term. Making your own beer offers significant cost savings compared to buying it in-store. You’ll be paying a fraction of the price whilst enjoying all the benefits.

Homebrewing kits regularly turn into the focus of social events for many of our brewers. Comparing recipes, sharing ideas and trying your creations help put a smile on the face of our customers. Simply buy one of our beer making starter kits to get going.

Is it Possible to Brew Good Beer from Homebrew Beer Kits?

Yes! Homebrewing beer has been a popular pastime since the medieval era, leading to the development of the brewery business that’s been booming ever since.

Modern-day homebrew beer kits have advanced in quality significantly and you can brew fantastic quality beers with ease. The new beer kits from Mangrove Jacks even have Sour Beer Kits and Barrel Aged Beer Kit styles that are exactly what craft beer lovers need to brew their own with no experience required.

What’s in Hiomebrewing Beer Kits?

The contents of a beer brewing kit greatly depend on the type of beer you’re planning to brew.

Many beer starter kits require a brewing enhancer, we recommend that if the kit needs an enhancer you add a 1.5kg pouch of liquid malt as a brewing enhancer.

Tips for Successful Brewing from a Beer Making Kit?

It's simple- to make good beer if you follow the following:

Sterilsation - make sure everything is sterile that you are using during the process and this is simple to do with our Geterbrewed Oxi No Rinse product.

Read the instructions- Sounds basic, but the key to a good beer is following the instructions and reading them carefully. If in doubt, you can talk to us, and our in-house brewing experts can help you.

Ensure the fermentation temperature is monitored- you want to achieve a constant fermentation temperature. This can have a major effect on the flavour of your finished brew.

Is beer not to your taste? No problem! Check out our wine making kits and cider brewing kits to enjoy your favourite beverage made specially by you. Get your brewing adventure started with our Get ‘Er Brewed home brewing starter kits.

If you need any help getting started to make your own beer or have any questions about our beer making kits, then get in touch or pop us a message on one of the Geterbrewed social media channels - We’d love to hear from you!