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Wine Kits

Our Wine Making Kits consist of all the quality ingredients you need to start wine making at home. Browse our wine making starter kits and other homebrew wine kits below.

What are Wine Making Kits?

Wine-making starter kits offer wine lovers the chance to brew at home with ease. Gathering the correct equipment can be daunting, but also sounds terribly expensive when it comes to delivery costs and finding the right equipment for your needs. We make brewing easy with our ready-made wine-making kits. We like to help our customers show off their creations with pride, which is why we provide quality homebrew wine kits that you’ll love.

Wine homebrew kits are simply grape juice concentrated. Some kits have different volumes of grape juice, and usually more juice provided, the higher the quality of the wine kit. Grape Juice is sourced from the finest wine-growing regions worldwide, and with the right grape juice, you can now replicate a huge variety of wine styles from your home brewing setup.

Do you need Experience for a Wine Home Brew Kit?

Wine-making kits are much easier to use than commercial winemaking, as all the hard work has already been completed. Simply follow the instructions on your homebrew wine kit, and you’ll create a quality wine for everyone to enjoy. All ingredients come with the kit and are pre-measured. It’s had to go wrong, and with so many flavours available, it’s a great opportunity to test your brewing skills and try new wines.

Investing in a wine homebrew kit can be very rewarding, as the quality of modern homebrew wine kits is exceptional. You can successfully and consistently make better wine than shop-bought at a fraction of the price. It’s a great way to socialise and get people talking, whether you host your own brewing event or give your homemade wine as a much-appreciated gift.

How do I Select the Right Wine Making Starter Kit?

Selecting the right kit for you is really important, as it can highly influence how you prepare the wine, but also the flavour and outcome.

Geterbrewed highly recommends 30-day wine kits rather than 7-day wine kit options. The 7-day wine kits can be a great, fast solution for a tasty glass of Pinot Grigio that everyone will love, but the 30-day wine kits offer an increased level of quality. There is a higher quantity of grape juice within the kit, but also, the wine has longer to ferment and therefore has a much richer flavour than the 7-day kits.

How do Wine Making Kits Work?

Depending on the type of kit you buy, each one will have slightly different instructions. Some kits have fully concentrated grape juice, where you may have to add additional sugar and water in order to create the perfect wine. Some kits will have partially concentrated grape juice where less water and sugar are required. You can choose either wine type depending on your tastes and preferences, as we have many kit types. Don’t forget if you’re ever unsure about which type is best for you, talk to our in-house wine experts, who’d love to match you with the perfect product.

Homebrew wine kits are great when you’d like to make wine for yourself in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’d like to brew for a wedding or regularly provide wine as a personal gift to your friends, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction (and bragging rights) of using your own wine-making starter kit.

Want to expand your brewing abilities? We also offer beer-making kits and cider-making kits for a wide range of budgets and experience levels. If you’d like to know more about our wine-making kits, please get in touch or drop us a message on one of our social media channels.