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High Alcohol Yeasts

A range of yeasts for high alcohol production, Geterbrewed only stock the best products for this use, a huge range of diverse yeasts for the craft distiller. Buy here at Geterbrewed today. Delivery throughout UK and Ireland!
Code: GEB2635
For use in mashing of starch-based substrates, such as raw grains and potato, for fermentation of alcohol to make distilled spirits.Net Weight: 12 g (0.4 US oz)Sufficient for: Up to 10 kg (22.0 lb) Liquefied Starch For Fermentation Volumes Up To 25 L (6.6 US Gal)Temperatures: High TemperaturesTemper..
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Code: GEB2636
For use in mashing of starch-based substrates, such as raw grains and potato, for fermentation of alcohol to make distilled spirits. Can also be used for maximising yield when mashing malted grains using natural, diastatic enzyme activity.Net Weight: 12 g (0.4 US oz)Sufficient for: Up to 10 kg (22.0..
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Code: GEB2639
For fermentation of alcohol to make dark liquor spirits (e.g. Whiskey, Brandy and Dark Rum) using the Turbo 500 Boiler or Grainfather Brewing System with the Pot Still Alembic Dome Top and Copper Condenser.Net Weight: 450 g (15.9 US oz)Suggested Dosages Sufficient for: Up to 25 L (6.6 US Gal)Dosage ..
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Code: GEB2637
For fermentation of alcohol to make light/white liquor spirits (e.g. Vodka, Gin, White Rum etc) using the Turbo 500 Boiler or Grainfather Brewing System with either the Turbo 500 Stainless Steel Condenser or Turbo 500 Copper Condenser. If making White Rum, use the Pot Still Alembic Dome Top and Copp..
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Code: GEB3157
Still Spirits Distillers Yeast Gin 20gA particularly clean active dried yeast, especially selected for Gin production. This strain gives neutral congener profile, making clean and crisp spirit alcohol perfect for showcasing your botanicals...
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Code: GEB3158
Still Spirits Distillers Yeast Rum 20gA specialist active dried Rum distiller’s yeast. This strain produces an optimum congener profile for full-flavoured, smooth and rounded rum spirit...
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Code: GEB3156
Still Spirits Distillers Yeast Vodka 20gA specialist active dried Vodka distiller’s yeast with an extremely low congener profile for production of rounded vodka spirit with a clean authentic finish...
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Code: GEB3155
Still Spirits Distillers Yeast Whiskey 20gA specialist active dried Whiskey distiller’s yeast producing an optimum congener profile for elegant, well-rounded and refined whiskey spirit for oak aging...
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Code: GEB2486
Top Shelf Distilling ConditionerDefoaming Agent..
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Code: GEB4011
Fermentis SafSpirit™ C-70 500gTHE MOST POPULAR STRAIN WITH DISTILLERSRobust, multipurpose strain and one of the most popular within distillers. Produces very high quality alcohol from all kinds of substrates, with subtle congeners. Used extensively in the Caribbean and Central America for producing ..
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Code: GEB4015
Fermentis SafSpirit™ D-53 500gTHE RIGHT CHOICE FOR PURE MALT FERMENTATIONA specially selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae used in a variety of grain fermentations, showing very regular fermentation profiles. The right choice for pure malt fermentation due to its ability to attain good yields,..
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Code: GEB4031
Fermentis SafSpirit™ FD-3 500gIDEAL YEAST FOR FRUIT FERMENTATIONRecommended for fruit fermentation due to it fructophilic character. Reported as a neutral strain, but in some cases produces refined and balanced esters. Low nitrogen demand and high resistance to alcohol. Very good option to produce m..
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Code: GEB4014
Fermentis SafSpirit™ GR-2 500gTHE IDEAL YEAST FOR PLANTS WITHOUT TEMPERATURE CONTROLExcellent option to produce very neutral alcohol, especially vodka from grain and other kind of amylaceous substrates. Its regular kinetics avoid explosive fermentations and peaks of high temperatures during the grow..
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Code: GEB4010
Fermentis SafSpirit™ HG-1 500gTHE CHOICE FOR VERY HIGH GRAVITY FERMENTATIONUsed for Very High Gravity (VHG) fermentation. High tolerance to ethanol, able to reach 18% v/v, depending on the process and substrate. Very good resistance to the osmotic pressure and high fermentation temperatures (thermot..
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Code: GEB4012
Fermentis SafSpirit™ M-1 500gFor the distilled grain beverages that will be aged in barrelsThe most famous and almost inevitable strain for producing Scotch and single malt whiskies. Produces great congeners, suitable for the aging of the whiskies in barrels. Good alcohol resistance (over 15% v/v). ..
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Code: GEB4013
Fermentis SafSpirit™ USW-6 500gThe performer yeast in all kind of grains or blends of grainsThe most famous and best performing strain for producing American Whiskey. The natural choice for the best Bourbons distillers and other American whiskey producers. Very good and delicate profile of congeners..
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