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Microbrewery Water Treatment

We have a range of Microbrewery Water Treatment products, ideal for any microbrewery! Buy online today at Get Er Brewed - Microbrewery Supply Specialist. Delivery across the UK and Ireland!
Code: MRB0526
AMS - 25 litresAMS is a formulated blend of ready for use food grade acids used to reduce alkalinity and to increase desirable ions in product waters. It is especially used in the brewing industry as a liquor treatment to provide optimum pH levels throughout the whole brewing process and improve ex..
Code: MRB0508
Calcium Chloride - 25kgCalcium Chloride Flake is a mineral salt used to adjust the ionic composition of brewing liquor. An alternative water treatment to gypsum promoting a softer palate in the finished beer..
Code: MRB0512
Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum) - 25kgThe product is a salt used to adjust the ionic composition of brewing liquor.- Ensures correct balance of salts for beer flavour and mouthfeel- Improves extract- Helps precipitate protein and yeast- Helps yeast flocculation- Important for head retention in beer..
Code: MRB0527
Dry Water Burtonisation (DWB) TDS - 20KGDWB is a formulated blend of powdered salts suitable for most brewing requirements. Used to adjust the calcium levels, and to add chloride, which imparts palate fullness and add sulphate, which enhances drier bitter flavours. Benefits Reduces the pH during ..
Lactic acid 80% - 25kg
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Code: MRB0504
Lactic acid 80% - 25kgAn organic acid is used to reduce alkalinity without adding sulphate and chloride ions. Can also be used for minor corrections in brewing PH can be used at higher levels for beer souring.Reduces the alkalinity levels of brewing liquor, stimulating maximum enzyme activity in the..
Code: MRB0511
Magnesium Sulphate - Epsom Salts 25KGEpsom salts for water treatment. Slightly lowers the pH of the mash slightly. - Adding 1 g to 10 litres increases the salt level by 39 ppm sulphate and 10 ppm magnesium and increases the hardness by 41 ppm...
Phosphoric Acid 75% - 25 litres
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Code: MRB0503
Phosphoric Acid 75% - 25 litresThis acid can be used to acidify the mash or the wort. It gives a fine taste to the beer and is also an extra source of phosphor for the yeast. This acid has a higher concentration than for instance lactic acid, so less is required. Phosphoric acid can also be us..
Code: MRB0514
Potassium Chloride - 25KGPotassium chloride is commonly sold as an alternative to sodium chloride, brewers use potassium chloride as a water softener instead of sodium chloride. Potassium chloride is readily available and a good substitute for more traditional softener salts and is touted as a..
Code: MRB0530
Sodium Bicarbonate 25KGSodium Bicarbonate is used to increase carbonate levels and to adjust pH. Product image for illustrative purposes. Product may differ slightly..
Code: MRB0529
Sodium Chloride - 25KGSodium Chloride (PDV Salt) is used to increase the mineral content of liquor and imparts palate fullness...
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Microbrewery Water Treatment

There is nothing more important in terms of the core components of beer than water. Without good brewing water (liquor), you simply won’t brew a great beer - “Water is the largest component of beer."

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