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Gin Botanicals

The quality of the botanicals will have a massive impact on the quality of the spirit you make. We have used the same ethos with the brewery ingredients and sourced the best we possibly can. Buy at Geterbrewed today. Delivery throughout UK and Ireland.
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Angelica Root - 1KGTrade in angelica root and angelica seed is extremely specialised with only a few recognised uses (the production of Gin being one of them).Angelica root is an 18-24 month crop, planted in built-up rows with the roots reaching up to 30cms below ground. Above ground level a plant w..
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Bitter Orange Peel Chopped - 1KGGeterbrewed are working with a supplier who have been supplying the Gin industry and distilling trade with dried orange peel ribbons almost exclusively from the south of Spain.Sourcing of both the sweet and bitter orange has seen an increase in demand in recent years ..
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Black Peppercorns - 1KGBlack Pepper, often known simply as the peppercorn comes from the Piper nigrum vine, native to India and tropical Asia. The berries are picked while still green, then washed and dried, causing them to take on their signature cratered black appearance.Peppercorn was so importan..
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Cardamon Pods - 1KGNative to southern India, but also cultivated in Guatemala, Indo China and Tanzania, cardamom is a unique spice, as essential to tea in India as it is to sausages in the Western world. The seeds come from a plant belonging to the ginger family, and are contained in small pods arou..
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Cassia Bark Chopped - 1KG
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Cassia Bark Chopped - 1KGThe evergreen trees from which cassia bark is stripped originated in southern China and have been widely cultivated across Asia. The trees produce long, beautiful leaves and buds that resemble cloves in appearance.Cassia is a relative of the true cinnamon of Sri Lanka, and i..
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Coriander Seed - 1KGCoriander seed is grown by farmers as part of a traditional rotation crop and is traded in vast quantities throughout the world.Coriander is usually planted in the spring and harvested later that summer when the plant and therefore the seed has dried out. The plant can stand appr..
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Elderflowers - 1KGSome have referred to Elderflower as ÌÕthe catsup of flavors.ÌÒ This is because of the fact that Elderflower seemingly can be used to make anything taste good.In Gins though, Elderflower has boomed since 2012. Owing to the popularity of Elderflower cordials and St. Germain Liqueur,..
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Fennel Seeds - 1KGFennel, though often mistaken for anise due to it̥s flavor, is not anise. It does contain anethole, which lends star anise its specific flavor. But it̥s botanically different. The bulbs contain smaller amounts of the aromatic and are often eaten as a vegetable. In gin we often se..
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Ginger - 1KGThe root (or more appropriately, rhizome) of the ginger plant has a long history as both a culinary spice and as a medicinal ingredient.Freshly picked, ginger is hot, pungent with an almost spicy intensely aromatic taste reminiscent of both cardamom and chili pepper. Dried it becomes mor..
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Grains of Paradise - 1KG
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Grains of Paradise - 1KGThe West African coast became so infamous for its abundance of spices that it quickly became known as The Pepper Coast (or Grain Coast). Grains of paradise were a particular cash crop for the region, its worth bolstered by the claims of medieval spice traders who claimed that..
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Grapefruit Peel Ribbons - 1KG
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Grapefruit Peel Ribbons - 1KG..
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Hibiscus Flowers - 1KGThese large, colourful flowers are perfect for your next gin variation. Hibiscus is very popular among gin makers, mainly due to its more robust flavouring compared to other floral botanicals. Flavours are often described as berry like, such as pomegranate or cranberry...
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Juniper Berries - 1KGJuniper is the key botanical in the production of Gin. As juniper is a wild product, (unlike coriander, angelica, orange peel and lemon peel) its handling and processing is essential to ensure a consistent and quality product. This is the reason why at Geterbrewed we have built ..
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Lemon Peel Chopped - 1KGThe lemon peel harvest comes slightly later than orange peel but is undertaken in exactly the same way.Geterbrewed will deal with the same suppliers for all their citrus fruit but experience has shown that some suppliers provide better lemon peels and therefore a working know..
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Liquorice Root Powder - 1KGLiquorice Root Powder can add flavour and foam in beer and stout brewing.It can also be mixed into desserts, as a sweetener. Liquorice Root Powder cleanses the colon, making it helpful for constipation and IBS. It's also said to be beneficial for treating allergies, asthma..
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Orris Root Powder  - 1KGOrris Root Powder is milled from the root of the Iris flower and has traditionally come from hills around Florence, Italy.The Iris plants are grown in rows, often between vines, and are harvested by hand. The roots are cleaned and then left to dry naturally in the sun.Th..
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Due to the popularity of the Gin Trade and the growth of this sector of the distillation industry, Get 'Er Brewed have sourced some of the finest Gin botanicals and added it to their portfolio of products. Gin is fundamentally made with the distillation of neutral grain spirit with a mixture of botanicals to flavour the spirit. The spirit has no recognisable flavour prior to the addition of botanicals. The key botanical for Gin is Juniper without it you can’t even call it Gin. The quality of the botanicals will have a massive impact on the quality of the spirit you make so we have used the same ethos with the brewery ingredients and sourced the best we possibly can, you can’t put a price on a quality product especially when you want to make a consistently impressive flavour profile.