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T90 Hop Pellets

Brewing your own beer at home? We have the T90 Hop Pellets you need. Buy in any quantity and choose from a variety of types. Delivery throughout the UK and Ireland.
Admiral T90 Hop Pellets (UK)
Code: GEB3231
Admiral T90 Hop Pellets / UK / 2021 / AA: 11.8% Bred at Wye to complement the variety Target, this variety matures about one week earlier and yields considerably better in terms of alpha acid per hectare. It grows vigorously, producing small compact cones, which pick well on the machine. Its toler..
100g Ex Tax:£3.35
Code: GEB4134
Ahtanum T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2022 / AA: 5.3%Bred by Yakima Chief Ranches, Ahtanum® YCR 1 is an aroma-type cultivar used for its aromatic properties and moderate bittering. The variety is named after the location where Charles Carpenter established the first hop farm east of the Cascade Mountains ..
100g Ex Tax:£4.28
Code: GEB3927
Akoya T90 Hop Pellets / Germany / 2022 / AA: 8.8%Akoya was bred as a cross between Zenith and a Hopsteiner male. German hops begin to be harvested annually in the fall, from the end of August into September.Flavour & Aroma ProfileAkoya is an aroma hop typically used in late boil additi..
100g Ex Tax:£3.46
Code: GEB1369
Amarillo T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2021 / AA: 6.4% Newer variety characterized by mid to high alpha and low cohumulone content. Aroma reported to be similar to Cascade. Good resistance to powdery mildew. It is used for its aromatic qualities, as well as its bittering properties due to its lower cohu..
100g Ex Tax:£5.84
Code: GEB2036
Aurora T90 Hop Pellets / Slovenia / 2022 / AA: 7.8% Aurora is the Latin word for dawn. This cultivar used to be called Super Styrian and is derived from Northern Brewer. It has a rich green colour, an intense, pleasantly hoppy aroma and has outstandingly good storage stability. The cone hops c..
100g Ex Tax:£2.71
Code: GEB2435
Azacca T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2022 / AA: 13.6% Azacca is the lwa or the spirit of the agriculture and the farming practices. The hop formerly known as #483 was released by the American Dwarf Hop Association 2014. This hop variety is characterised by strong sweet fruit flavours, such as mango ..
100g Ex Tax:£5.62
Code: GEB2037
Bobek T90 Hop Pellets / Slovenia / 2021 / AA: 5.6% Bobek is an aroma hop variety, its aroma is mild, coupled with moderate bitterness. Beer prepared with this variety has very good organoleptic scores for its bitterness, taste and aroma. Intense and pleasant with floral and hop overtones. Typical ..
100g Ex Tax:£2.61
Code: GEB3257
Bramling Cross T90 Hop Pellets / UK / 2021 / AA: 6.3% Bred from a crossing in 1927 by Professor Salmon at Wye, of a Bramling (one of the traditional Golding varieties) with a male seedling of the Manitoba, Canada wild hop. This variety gave many growers in Kent a good hop to start the picking seas..
100g Ex Tax:£3.50
Code: GEB2603
Bru-1 T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2021 / AA: 13.1% This hop is one of the new American Aroma varieties, popular for its fruity character and its ability to shine through in a beer. Delivers stone fruit aromas, pineapple and melon. Aroma Characteristics Fruity, Floral & Spicy Analy..
100g Ex Tax:£5.22
Code: GEB2175
Cascade T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2022 / AA: 6.4% The Cascade cultivar takes its name from the Cascades, a mountain range of volcanic origin in the USA. The variety was bred in Oregon as part of the USDA breeding programme and released in 1972. The typical features of Cascade are its long, dark-gree..
100g Ex Tax:£3.99
Code: GEB2600
Cashmere T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2021 / AA: 8.2% Released in 2013, Cashmere comes from the hops Cascade and Northern Brewer, with higher alpha acids than Cascade. Bursting with citrus fruits such as lemon, lime and melon, this hop is excellent as both an aroma and bittering variety. It also showca..
100g Ex Tax:£5.62
Code: GEB2032
Centennial T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2021 / AA: 9.6% Centennial is a relatively new high-alpha variety. First released in 1990, Centennial is composed of ¾ Brewers Gold and minor shares of other cultivars, such as Fuggle and East Kent Golding. Sometimes it is also referred to as Super Cascade, but t..
100g Ex Tax:£4.48
Code: GEB1098
Challenger T90 Hop Pellets / UK / 2023 / AA: 6.0% The Challenger was developed at Wye College from a cross made in 1963. Granddaughter Northern Brewer. It was released for commercial growth in 1971 as a dual-purpose variety combining good aroma with moderate bittering levels. It is strongly resist..
100g Ex Tax:£3.75
Code: GEB2034
Chinook T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2021 / AA: 9.1% This cultivar is named after an Indian tribe from the Washington area. It was developed as part of the USDA breeding program in Washington State and released as a high alpha variety in 1985. On the maternal side, the strain is influenced by English G..
100g Ex Tax:£4.23
Code: GEB2033
Citra T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2022 / AA: 12.7% Citra® is an aroma hop with a promising future. Developed by the Hop Breeding Company, it has unique and captivating flavor characteristics. The hop variety (HBC 394) originated from a cross between Hallertau Mittelfrueh and a father derived from U.S...
100g Ex Tax:£5.58
Code: GEB2035
Columbus T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2021 / AA: 15.0% Columbus, Tomahawk and Zeus (CTZ) is the most widely grown variety combination in the USA. The current Super High Alpha varieties, have the same female parent as Nugget, making them at least half sisters to Nugget. You cannot talk about Columbu..
100g Ex Tax:£3.75
Code: GEB2601
Comet T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2020 / AA: 9.9% The hop cultivar Comet was bred as a high alpha variety for the states of Washington and Idaho. It is now only grown by a single hop grower in the Hallertau. It has unusually large cones and a characteristic elderflower aroma. As usual, Comet's pro..
100g Ex Tax:£4.64
Code: GEB2046
East Kent Goldings T90 Hop Pellets / UK / 2022 / AA: 5.1% Developed from wild Canterbury Whitebine variety in late 1700’s. Kent is a Region in England, home to Canterbury, where this variety was brought to the market in 1790. Gentle, fragrant, and pleasant. Recognised as having the most typical En..
100g Ex Tax:£3.78
Code: GEB3386
Eclipse T90 Hop Pellets / Australia / 2022 / AA: 17.4% Eclipse® was created by the HPA breeding program in 2004 and commercialised in 2020. Eclipse® has been featured in beers by Colonial, Grifter, Stone & Wood, Two Birds and Young Henrys. Ancestry It’s ancestry is a cross pollination of ..
100g Ex Tax:£6.10
Code: GEB2170
Ekuanot T90 Hop Pellets / USA / 2021 / AA: 13.0% Ekuanot is known for distinct grapefruit and orange flavours but also distinctive sweet fruit aromas. For the crop 2019 the determining flavours are strawberry, guava, gooseberry and orange. Some woody, green-grassy and peppery flavours round off th..
100g Ex Tax:£5.40
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T90 Hop Pellets

Geterbrewed stocks a range of fresh hops for beer and hops for brewing other alcohol too. Our hop pellets are available in several varieties, including hops for bittering and creating different flavours and aromas. T90 Pellets contain over 90% of the non-resinous elements within the 

We have sort-after T90 Hop Pellets from around the globe:

  • Australia
  • Czech
  • German
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Slovenia
  • UK
  • USA

Benefits of using T90 hop pellets for brewing.

  • More varieties are available in hop pellets.
  • Hop pellets oxidize slower and therefore store longer.
  • Hop pellets take up less space, making them more efficient to store.
  • Pellet hops are generally easier to split into abstract increments.
  • Pellets are easier to add to smaller vessels when dry-hopping.
  • Hop pellets have a higher utilization efficiency of around 10-15%

Read more about the advantages of hop pellets HERE

Why Choose Geterbrewed Hops?

Geterbrewed is immensely proud to offer the finest beer hops in the homebrew and craft brewing industries. We have travelled the globe in search of the best quality product. If you need the best hops for your beer, look no further!

Our company is confident in the exceptional quality of our hops. We provide full technical support to the brewers and emphasise proper Cold Chain Storage from the Hop farm to our cold store at the warehouse. We strive to guarantee that hops are kept at their optimum temperature below 4 degrees during the process up until delivery. The best craft breweries trust us in Ireland and UK to supply them with their hops for brewing and have made available the best hops in the world to home brewers in a wide range of quantities. Beer hops come available in packs of 50g, 100g, 225g, 450g and 1kg. Every batch of hops we repack is nitrogen-flushed and vacuum-sealed to guarantee maximum freshness. We also provide Mylar hop bags with a resealable strip, so users can easily reseal and store hops in the fridge once opened.