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Bioferm 100g

Buy premium Brewferm yeasts for your homebrew from Get Er Brewed homebrew shops. Brewferm has a Blanche, lager and top-fermenting yeast in their range.
Code: GEB3876
Bioferm Cool 100g - Dried Wine YeastSaccharomyces Cerevisiae var. Bayanus. Yeast is specially selected for its ability to ferment wines at low temperatures. Produces wines with a fruity character when slowly fermented at 13-17 °C. Ferments at temperatures starting at 8 °C!Dosage: 2 g/10 litres ..
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Bioferm Rouge 100g - Dried Wine Yeast
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Code: GEB1498
High Ester, Aromatic Red Wine YeastThis Bioferm Rouge wine yeast has been developed and selected to help create a more aromatic red wine from your home wine making ingredients. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae is the yeast's full name, and it is essential for the fermentation of your wine. This particu..
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Code: GEB3875
Vinoferm Arom 100 g - Dried Wine Yeast(Formerly: Bioferm Aromatic)Special granular yeast for fermenting mainly modern white wines with fresh fruit aromas (strawberries, apricots, bananas); also suitable for rosé wines or for Orange wine. Excellent for aromatic wines that are drunk young.A fermentati..
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Code: GEB1500
Vinoferm Champ 100g - Dried Wine YeastSpecial neutral granular yeast for sparkling wine production by the traditional method. Good flocculation properties, can also be used in stagnant fermentation or for refermentation.  With the traditional method this yeast produces wines of great fin..
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Code: GEB4112
Vinoferm Cryo White 100g - Dried Wine YeastSpecial granular yeast for the fermentation of white wines, which require an improved aromatic profile. It ensures a good low-temperature fermentation with increased succinic acid and glycerol production. Ideal for the cold maceration and fermentation proce..
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Vinoferm KY 100g - Dried Wine Yeast
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Code: GEB3877
Vinoferm KY 100g - Dried Wine Yeast(Formerly: Bioferm Killer)Special granular yeast for the fermentation of wines with a killer factor. This fructophilic yeast enhances natural fruit aromas! Ideal for use in stalled fermentation, for secondary fermentation and for wines with a high must weight witho..
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Code: GEB1499
Vinoferm Sauvignon 100g - Dried Wine Yeast(Formerly: Bioferm Blanc)Special granular yeast for fermenting primarily white wines, specific types of Sauvignon or other fresh and intensely aromatic wines. Produces fresh wines with intense aromas, citrus, spicy, tropical fruit, and boxwood. It can be use..
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Code: GEB1501
Vinoferm VB Arom 100g - Dried Wine Yeast(Formerly: Bioferm Doux)Special granular yeast for the fermentation of primarily white wines. Provides elegant, aromatic, creamy, nuanced wines with mainly floral aromas (white flowers) and fruity notes (peach, apricot). High production of 2-phenylethanol (ros..
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Bioferm Yeast

Through its many years of experience, BIOFERM has created an excellent range of dried yeasts to offer a solution to every winemaker. Do you prefer sweet wines? Do you need yeast for colder temperatures? Do you like strong red wines? There is a unique yeast available for every type of wine. The BIOFERM yeasts are the only yeasts available in vacuum pouches of 100 g, in addition to the standard 7 g packs. This guarantees a maximum shelf life and viability.