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Tetrahop Gold - 1L

Tetrahop Gold - 1L
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Tetrahop Gold - 1L
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Tetrahop Gold - 1L

Do you believe that an authentic beer needs a good head of foam? Tetrahop Gold® gives you bitterness that enhances both foam stability and cling.
An aqueous pure tetrahydro-iso-α-acid solution is perfect for adding bitterness to low BU beers. In addition, it is light-stable, allowing the beer to be bottled in green and clear glass.

Tetrahop® Gold is an aqueous alkaline solution of the potassium salts of tetrahydro-iso-α-acids. It is produced from CO2 hops extract using a patented all-aqueous process. Tetrahop® Gold enhances beer foam when used as a post-fermentation replacement for a part of the normal bittering. In the absence of normal α-acids and iso-α-acids, Tetrahop® Gold will protect completely from the formation of light-struck flavour. Furthermore, it will act as an antimicrobial agent when added to beer. Tetrahop® Gold is classified as a modified hop extract that may be safely used in beer in accordance with the US FDA regulation 21 CFR 172.560 (b) (6).

Tetrahop® Gold is typically used after fermentation and before final filtration. The utilisation of Tetrahop® Gold in final beer can be expected between 55 - 80% depending on the time and efficiency of dosing (kettle dosing is not advisable). The point of addition should be close to a region of turbulent flow, e.g. on the suction side of a centrifugal pump. The dosing pump should be adjusted to deliver Tetrahop® Gold over approximately 70% of the total transfer time. It is advisable to make the addition prior to the final filtration step. Local high concentrations of
tetrahydro-iso-α-acids should be avoided and the addition point should be well separated from that of any other additives. Tetrahop® Gold may be added at ambient temperature without prior dilution directly to beer. If dilution is necessary, the use of demineralised water and a pH adjustment to 10 – 11 with KOH is necessary. Do not use sodium bases to adjust the pH of the dilution water – caustic soda or sodium hydroxide form poorly soluble salts with most hop acids. The amount of Tetrahop® Gold is calculated based on the product concentration and the assumed utilisation. Conducting trials at the brewery will determine the correct dosage of Tetrahop® Gold with regard to sensory bitterness and foam enhancement. Depending on the type of beer, Tetrahop® Gold may give 1.0-1.7 times the perceived bitterness of normal iso-α-acids. Tetrahop® Gold should not be left in dosing lines at low temperatures. We recommend cleaning lines and dosing pumps with warm slightly alkaline demineralised.

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