Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA) Canning line

We are excited to be the first company to bring a Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA) Canning line into Ireland. After much deliberation and research we settled on partnering and investing with PSA to fulfil our canning needs and that of Irish Brewers.

So what are the Benefits of a Canning Line?

  • Improved Beer quality due to the beer being protected from the light and oxygen
  • Cans chill faster and are easily stackable in the fridge
  • Guaranteed integrity of the seal
  • Easily crushed and recycled
  • Canned Beer weighs less = Reduced shipping costs
  • Less packaging = less costs
  • They can travel better than glass = customer convenience
  • More visible branding on display

So why choose Get Er Canned to do your contract packaging?

  • We have invested in reliable, low desolved oxygen and ease of use packaging equipment
  • You make incredible beer, we want to provide the investment in your packaging solutions
  • No limitations on speed or quality
  • You have full expert technical support from Pneumatic Scale Angelus
  • Competitive pricing to allow you to be competitive in the marketplace

Beer Canning Videos

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PSA Canning Features

With over 130 years of experience, through more than 16000 canning line installations in 132 countries. The highest industry standards from a seaming expert means we are able to enjoy state of art technology and speed backed up with Expert service and full local technical support!

PSA have historically been focused on high speed lines for mass production and they have used that experience to design an innovative range for Craft Brewers, so we are pleased to present the CB50 & CB100 inline craft beverage canners. They boast Proprietary flowmeter technology that helps you get a perfect fill with little waste at speeds of up to 100 cans per minute. There is a lot of little nuisances with canning that you need to pay attention to and the PSA gas flush systems help you keep oxygen levels under control and the world leadings high speed seamer design is scaled for single head operation delivers the only repeatable hermetic double seam in the beverage industry!!

PSA canning lines are designed with hygiene in mind and with all direct product contact parts are either 316 Stainless Steel or Hygienic Grade materials that allow you to CIP up to 180 degrees. The CB50 proudly employs proven PSA high speed canning technology for superior seam quality and easy changeover when running different can sizes.

  • Seaming cam optimized for beverage applications
  • Seaming cam easily removed/replaced for possible future changes in material, can size and/or seaming specifications
  • Seaming levers designed with the specific material and dimensions, allowing torsional windup for superior double seam formation
  • Quick change levers for repeatable changeovers
  • Tooling adjustments maintained between changeovers
  • Can rinser assembly with air dry
  • Angelus V-Series seaming tooling design and technology
  • Titanium Nitride-coated Angelloy┬« seaming rolls with ceramic bearings
  • Individual Zerk fittings for manual lubrication of seaming rolls
  • Protective flange to prevent damage from maladjustments
  • Sealed for Life (SFL) seaming rolls available
  • Accurate and repeatable fill level metering using magnetic flow meter technology, with no moving parts
  • Sanitary 316 stainless steel CO2 pre-purge nozzles
  • Individual fill valves with product contact parts made from 316L stainless steel
  • Integrated flow control valves with easy pneumatic pressure adjustment for clean fills
  • Sanitary/hygienic product supply piping and connections
  • Product supply Clean in Place (CIP) capable, up to 180 degree temperature rating