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Cannular PRO Semi- Auto Bench Top Can Seamer

Cannular PRO Semi- Auto Bench Top Can Seamer
Cannular PRO Semi- Auto Bench Top Can Seamer
Cannular PRO Semi- Auto Bench Top Can Seamer
Cannular PRO Semi- Auto Bench Top Can Seamer
Cannular PRO Semi- Auto Bench Top Can Seamer
Cannular PRO Semi- Auto Bench Top Can Seamer
Cannular PRO Semi- Auto Bench Top Can Seamer
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Cannular PRO Semi-Auto Bench Top Can Seamer

Your own canned beer is within easy reach thanks to this easy-to-use can seamer! The Cannular offers you the chance to can your home-brewed beer.

Canned beer has some important advantages over bottling: less risk of oxidation and 100% protection from light, so no lightstruck off-flavour due to UV rays penetrating the beer.

Thanks to its favourable price-quality ratio, the Cannular is the choice for both advanced hobby brewers and nano breweries. A can is seamed in a few seconds already. What's more, cans offer endless possibilities for personalisation. The compact Cannular is also extremely easy to use.

This power adapter is optimised for the Cannular and is sufficiently powerful and safe to use in wet environments without the risk of electrocution (only 24 V). It is also recommended to order the Splash Guard). During the canning process, you may spill a bit of beer. The Splash Guard catches it and keeps your workspace clean.


The Cannular's beauty lies in its simple operation, and the semiautomatic model makes canning beer even easier. With only three points of operation, it only takes a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the machine. The seaming process is as follows:

  • Place lid at the top of the can and place the can on the table spacer.
  • Turn the platform lever clockwise to raise the can to the seamer.
  • Press the seaming operation button, then wait for the can to stop spinning.
  • Turn the platform lever counterclockwise to lower the can.


  • Power: 250 W - 24 V - DC
  • Rated Speed: 3,300 RPM
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 41 x 25 x 54 cm
  • Weight: 29,9 kg
  • NB: You may wish to purchase a Splash Guard, which is not included.
  • The Cannular comes with a CDL CHUCK, used for UK cans with a UK 202 can lid. You will need to purchase a B64 CHUCK if you want to use 500ml Chinese cans
  • In its standard design, the Cannular Semi-Auto can handle 330 ml to 500 ml aluminium.
Please note:
When you receive your Cannular the rollers have been set and tested at the factory. They should not need adjustment for 100,000 cans. The table, however, comes unadjusted and getting it set up correctly is very important to getting a proper seal.
  • Cannular's test show that a .4 mm (.015") actual overlap is all that is needed to seal to 90 PSI. The proper table tension takes a little practice and expect to waste a few cans getting it dialled in.
  • Use cans at your fill height with water for proper tension adjustment.
  • You want the tension to be tight, but not so tight as to dent the can.
  • Once you learn the proper tension, re-adjusting it is very quick and easy.

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