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Malt Extract


1. Simply follow the step by step process to build a completely bespoke beer kit that is customised to your personal taste

2. Select 3kg of the World’s finest liquid malt extract, no finer malt extract is available at any price

3. Simply hover the mouse over the malt extract to find helpful advice on the best solution for your unique beer

Light Liquid Malt Extract

More Info?Selected English lager malt is used to produce this fine consistent light malt extract suitable for light beers and Lagers.

Amber Liquid Malt Extract

More Info?Made from a blend of pale and crystal malts this product provides the ideal building block for Ale and Bitter style beers.

Dark Liquid Malt Extract

More Info?Chocolate malt, crystal malt and pale malt is used in the manufacture of Muntons dark malt extract. Ideal for recipes designed to brew Milds, Porters and Stouts and the trendy Black IPA.

Wheat Liquid Malt Extract

More Info?Made using the finest wheat malt available, if you enjoy a witbier or wheat beer then use this as a building block for the finest homebrew wheat beer you have ever tasted.

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Hop Bitterness 


1. Select your desired hop bitterness, the bittering effect of hops is less noticeable in beers with roasted malts or strong flavours, so a higher proportion of hops would be required in strong flavoured beers to achieve the same perceived bitterness in moderately flavoured beers

2. We recommend 30 IBUS as a standard starting point for producing good beers with moderate hop bitterness. 60 IBUS is very hoppy. 90 IBUs for the face melting hop warriors

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Hop Selection


1. Get ‘er Brewed are the market leaders in fresh hops, we cold store all our hops at 2 degrees & bring you the most sought after hops in the industry.

2. Unsure which hop profile to pick? Select 2 styles and we will do the hard work for you.

3. If you know exactly what you are after, then pick UP TO 3 varieties. Each kit comes with 3 teabags, made up of your selection.

4. All our Craft a Beer Hops are made in innovative hop tea bags, which are easy to use and produce awesome hop flavouring and aroma.

Please Select "Any 2"

Please Select "Up To 3"

Yeast Selection


1. Choosing a strain of yeast for a particular beer style is an important part of recipe formulation.

2. There are several features to consider in choosing a yeast strain. These include flocculation, flavor and aroma characteristics, production of fermentation byproducts, attenuation, rate of fermentation, style appropriateness. We have a great range of dried yeasts and if you want to make something special try a liquid yeast.

3. Get ‘er Brewed recommend you select a strain with the characteristics expected of the style. Want to brew a true authentic style beer? Then use the yeast suggested for that style.

4. Experimentation if fun and can be exceptionally rewarding, if you need help we have award winning brewers assistance that can help guide you, ensure you can maintain a constant fermentation temperature.

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Flavouring & Spices


1. Introducing a complete new section of exciting spices to add an extra warming character that can really change the flavor of your homebrew beer, cider & wine. Spices open your brews to an infinite variety of aromas and unforgettable taste. With our spices you can find the way to create a truly unique specialty beer.

2. These flavourings and spices have been tried and tested in a variety of different custom beer kits. We have carefully weighed each individual additive to produce a subtle and delicous additive to your custom beer kit.

3. Never before has this addition been available in a beer kit so why not make something special. These are the finest spices sourced from Belgium so you know you are in for a treat.

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Priming Sugar (Pick 1)


1. We recommend that you use dextrose monohydrate to prime your beer, batch priming is easy and we calculate the required amount for the beer style that you are selecting.

2. Carbonation drops are dropped into the bottles individually.

Please Select "Priming Sugar (Pick 1)"


Base Price : £ 0.01


1. We carefully build each order as they come in, we include all your requested ingredients and a detailed set of instructions, if you need any help with getting started we have a Freephone service and we can provide award winning brewing support.

2. Enjoy your bespoke beer crafted by your hands, your design , your beer, beer that will make you proud!!

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