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Tri Clamp

We have a range of quality Tri Clamps. Buy here at Geterbrewed. Home brew & Microbrewery Supply Specialist. Delivery across the UK and Ireland!
Code: GEB2851
1.5" Tri Clamp - 12.7mm Hose Barb 304 Stainless Steel 1.5" Tri Clamp with 12.7mm Hose Barb..
Ex Tax:£3.83
1.5" Tri Clamp End Cap
Out Of Stock
Code: GEB2849
1.5" Tri Clamp End Cap..
Ex Tax:£1.46
Code: GEB2860
1.5" Tri Clamp Sight GlassLarge 1.5 inch TC flanges both ends. Breaks down for easy cleaning...
Ex Tax:£45.83
1.5" weld cap ferrule
Out Of Stock
Code: GEB2326
1.5" weld cap ferrule, stainless steel..
Ex Tax:£1.46
1.5” Tri Clamp - 1/2" Female Thread
Out Of Stock
Code: GEB2852
1.5” Tri Clamp - 1/2" Female Thread 304 Stainless Steel 1.5" Tri Clamp with a 1/2" female thread -..
Ex Tax:£3.03
Code: GEB2846
Ball Lock Tapping Head to 2" Tri Clamp..
Ex Tax:£26.04
Fermenter Sampling valve Stainless Steel
Out Of Stock
Code: GEB2328
Fermenter Sampling valve Stainless SteelFermenter Sampling valve Stainless Steel, can be attached with a 1.5" tri clamp..
Ex Tax:£12.29
SS Tri Clamp 1.5 Inline Strainer
Out Of Stock
Code: GEB2838
S S Tri Clamp 1.5 Inline Strainer..
Ex Tax:£62.08
Code: GEB2327
Tri ClampStainless Steel Tri Clamp for 1.5'' ferrules..
Ex Tax:£3.12
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