Geterbrewed stock a wide range of brewing yeasts that allow you to create any classic beer, wine ale or lager. Liquid or Wet yeast, is stocked in homebrew size packs from Wyeast, Whitelabs, and Imperial brands. We recognise the importance of you receiving fresh and viable yeast so we express ship the liquid yeasts from America every month and we cold store them at our warehouse and ship every liquid yeast with a free ice pack so it arrives in optimum condition. We have a wide range of beer yeast in liquid and dried yeast form, a wide variety of yeasts for Cider and Mead and professional vintners, wine yeasts for home winemaking, plus specific yeasts for home distilling.

Geterbrewed act as Irish distributors for Lallemand in relation to brewing yeast. We supply the full catalogue of Lallemand yeasts and yeast nutrition products. This is backed up with full technical support. All Craft Brewery Beer Yeasts are available in homebrew packs so you can ferment beer in the same way as professional breweries. Geterbrewed supply the large majority of Irish breweries with their yeast supplies.

How to choose the correct Brewing Yeast?

If you think of the monetary value of a yeast pitch in terms of per bottle price it’s really insignificant so use a premium quality brewing yeast. If you want to brew a lager then the obvious choice would be a lager yeast but there is a lot of variables to consider, for example to successfully ferment you need accurate fermentation temperatures that remain constant so if you can’t ferment at the lower lager temperature ranges then you may want to consider using a lager yeast that ferments at ale temperatures, try the Californian Lager Yeast from Mangrove Jacks if that is the case, it ferments at higher temperatures than most lager yeasts.

Yeast suppliers have become very innovative and produce a huge amount of yeast strains that allow you unlimited choice in relation to yeast strains. Historically, homebrew beer kits had a generic ale yeast strain for all kits, modern-day beer kits now come with specific brewers strains of yeast for the specific beer style.

What’s the best yeast fermentation temperature?

All yeast packets have recommended fermentation temperature ranges. The key to successful fermentation is to ensure the temperature remains constant. Yeast doesn’t respond well to fluctuations in fermentation temperatures. You can create some exciting results by using yeasts in unorthodox ways, but usually its best to keep to the recommended temperature ranges. Some yeasts respond differently at different temperature ranges, for example, a wheat beer yeast fermented at 17 degrees will produce banana flavours yet the exact same yeast fermented at 24 degrees will produce clove flavours. Our recommendation is to aim for the recommended fermentation ranges and keep a focus on maintaining that temperature.

What types of Brewing Yeast are there?

You are spoilt for choice really, we have a huge range of ale yeasts and lager yeasts plus speciality strains that allow you to brew a range of speciality beers for example; Saison, Belgian Ales , Wheat Beers. From traditional English ale yeasts to Belgian trappiest strains the options for all beer styles are available. If you need any help selecting the correct yeast strain then don’t hesitate to get in touch.