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Advanced Hop Products

Create impressive flavours with our range of advanced hop products and help optimimise your brewing process. Advanced Hop Products bring a lot of creative potential using a natural hop product. The Barth Haas group are committed to pioneering new advanced hop products to help you make the best beers possible. Geterbrewed provide these products in a quantity to suit our brewers needs.

1. Achieve Specific Bitterness

  • Isohop - A hop extract with an excellent yield that is perfect for achieving a precise level of IBU’s after fermentation
  • Co2 Hop Extract - Effcient and consistent kettle Bittering alpha acid
  • Flex - A flowable co2 extract to improve stability and efficiency in the brewery - a better way to bitter!
  • Redihop - Mellow, harmonious Bittering that also helps protect against Skunky beer
  • Tetrahop Gold - Effective foam retention and cling attachment
  • Hexahop Gold - Clean, pleasant bitterness for the production of low BU beers
  • Hexahop 95 - High Bitterness concentration, especially for beers with low bitterness

2. Flavour

  • Incognito - The flowable aroma extract for whirlpool additions with a minimum process loss, for brewing those juicy hop forward beers.
  • PHA Hop Oils - Extracted and distilled from hop cones, enriched with aromas and natural sources.

3. Antifoam

  • Hopaid Fermenter AntiFoam
    • A truly valuable product to maximise your head space on your fermenters. A natural suspension to avoid excessive foam formation on both top and bottom fermented beers, easy cleaning and better head retention in your beers.
  • Lipohop K Kettle Antifoam
    • Maximise the use of your kettle and help prevent any boil overs.

*For your ease we have attached the technical specs on our advanced hop products.

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