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What is the best malting barley?

IIt is well know within the brewing industry that British malt is the best malt in the world. The UK malting industry is the third largest in the world providing the finest malt to a host of large and small scale breweries. With UK malt being supplied to an impressive 14 of the 20 largest breweries in the World. The UK soils and climate are perfect for growing quality malting barley and great care is taken to ensure intake is at the correct spec and it is stored correctly to ensure the malting barley is perfect for storage and subsequent germination. Controlling the intake of malting barley for malting production means Crisp achieve that consistent high quality. The location of Crisps main maltings in Great Ryburgh is perfectly located in the heart of the best malting barley growing land in the World.

Who do Geterbrewed Distribute Malt for?

Crisp Malt - they have the ability to provide a vast range of malt and associated brewing adjuncts to give us a complete package.

This includes a range of base malts:

  • Lightly kilned malts
  • Roasted malts
  • Coloured malts
  • Speciality malts
  • Floor made malts
  • Distilling malts
  • Cereals from Crisp's sister company Micronised Food Products

Tell us about Crisp Malt?

The history of Crisp Malt dates back to 1870 when two brothers acknowledged the quality of malting barley being grown in Norfolk and they invested in a maltings which became the home of the Great Ryburgh Maltings that is still the heart of the company today. The maltings has survived bombings during the war and whilst it closed for 2 years to repair and rebuild it used this time to start modernising and improving like a phoenix out of the ashes and this has seen constant investment throughout the decades that followed this. Key investments and acquisition of other maltings has placed Crisp at the top of their game in terms of malting, key acquisitions would be that of Micronised Food Products which brings a very interesting catalogue of products to the modern brewer and Tivoli matings in Hamberg and Bydgoszcz in Poland.

The new speciality malting plant is not only making a more evenly and consistently made speciality malt it is innovating a small batch series to inspire creativity and diverse new beer styles.

In the very recent past they have invested in a new specialised malting plant which is the only one of its kind in the UK, this also triggered investment in a new packaging plant and even a new peated kiln for production of peated distilling malt.

Why do you sell malt for Crisp Malt ?

We have a solid relationship with Crisp Malt, as one of their top performing malt distributors in the World we value our relationship greatly with them, we are really proud to be working with them as their Irish Malt distributor, the level of support we receive from them is amazing. Crisp Malt provide us and our brewery customers with industry leading technical support from their talented team of technical and master brewers.

What do Crisp Malt Offer that is different?

Quality & Consistency - they are focused on producing a consistently impressive malt product from the best quality malting barley in the world.

Tradition and Modern Malting methods - the perfect balance to provide an inspiring range of malting products.

The team! It includes maltsters, brewers, distillers , engineers, food scientists, lab technicians , logistic specialists and their genuine nature which is personal and built on trust! We value their support and feel part of the family, as like our company they are independent and proud to be!

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