Microbrewery Finings & Clarification

What is clarification in brewing?

When the solids are removed from your wort/beer to produce a clear bright beer. This can be achieved by adding a wide range of clarification products and or the use of a centrifuge.

Do I need to use finings?

Some brewers promote unfiltered and unpasteurised beer as a unique selling point and others use finings, it used to be that that the use of Isinglass wasn’t appealing to all as it wasn’t vegan friendly but we now have finings that are vegan friendly also.

Finings can be used during the brewing process in the kettle to enhance protein removal which can benefit the rate of fermentation and attenuation, prolong shelf life and reduce process time and reduce tank losses.

Kettle finings are available in granule or tablet format. We also offer liquid and powdered isinglass for the treatment of brewery conditioned beers. Auxillary finings can be added at several points during the brewing process or indeed added to support other finings to remove proteins and increase conditioning times , speeds up processing and increases shelf life.

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