Manual Stainless Steel Counter Pressure Filler​

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Manual Stainless Steel Counter Pressure Filles

The counter pressure filler allows you to fill bottles from a carbonated keg with minimal foaming and CO2loss. This prevents sediment in the bottle from bottle conditioning.


  • Full Stainless construction with a silicone bung to seal to the bottle neck.
  • The filler has 7mm barbs on the inlets and release valve which suit beer lines with internal diameter of 5 or 6 mm.
  • The bung will suit bottles with an internal neck diameter between 14 - 20 mm. Bottles need to be at least 22 cm high.
  • Lines, clamps, gas splitter and disconnects/coupler to suit the kegs are not included.
  • Three way valve at the top of the counter pressure filler: Connect your CO2 line from the regulator on one side and the beer line from the keg to the other side.
  • Valve has 3 positions : CO2 in / Beer in / Closed.


After use we recommend to run a peroxide based cleaning product through the filler (such as PBW or Chemipro Oxi ) and rinse out with water. Before the next use rinse again with a phosphoric acid based sanitizer (e.g. Star San).

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