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Kohatu T90 Hop (New Zealand)

Kohatu T90 Hop (New Zealand)
Kohatu T90 Hop (New Zealand)
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Kohatu T90 Hop / New Zealand / 2021 / AA: 7.1%

Dual-purpose hop. It can be used for aroma and bittering and is known to have a fresh tropical fruit aroma.


Kohatu is a cross between Hallertau Mittlefruh and a New Zealand Male (with North American and European parentage). In 2011 it was released by the New Zealand Plant and Food Research hop breeding programme.


Kohatu has an early to midseason maturity. Being a New Zealand hop it is free from diseases.

Additional information

Country: New Zealand

Characteristics: Lime, Pine, Pineapple

Alpha Acid: 5-7%

Beta Acid: 4-5%

Cohumulone: 18-23

Oil Composition: Myrcene: 35-36%, Humulene: 36-37%, Farnesene: <1%

Total Oil: 1.0ml/100g

Flavour Intensity: 9

Hops Attributes
Country New Zealand
Alpha Acid 7.1
Harvest Year 2021

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