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Foundation Beer Ingredient Kit

The best beginner homebrew beer ingredient kits on the market. You can easily make high quality beer at home with the finest quality ingredients , professionally packaged using years of experience to create truly impressive beer recipes that are easily re
Code: GEB3664
- LIMITED EDITION - Belgian Wit Foundation Beer Ingredient KitThe perfect witbier packed full of fruity esters, truly refreshing with zesty citrus and a smooth finish. A subtle touch of perfume and pepper comes from the coriander addition and a nice herbal backbone from the Styrian Goldings h..
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Code: GEB3096
Citra Pale Ale Foundation Beer Ingredient KitThe most commonly used hop in the craft beer industry is Citra, it sells in enormous volumes, and for a good reason, the flavour and aroma from Citra hops is unique and captivating Expect the dry hop charge to impart pure citrus and tropical fruit flavou..
Ex Tax:£26.25
Code: GEB3665
- LIMITED EDITION - Dark Irish Stout Foundation Beer Ingredient KitA really good quality malt forward stout beer ingredient kit that delivers those delicious roasted flavours with a dry hop of english fuggles for a beautiful aromaThis kit comes with:3 x 1.2kg Dark Liquid Malt 1 x Isomerised hop extr..
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Code: GEB2387
DIPA Foundation Beer Ingredient KitBrewing a DIPA as a beginner beer-making ingredient kit is now achievable. A DIPA is an Imperial IPA and is commonly known to be high in abv and hop content. True to the American style, we have doubled the number of hops and added a strong backbone of malt to carry..
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Code: GEB3097
Galaxy Pale Ale Foundation Beer Ingredient KitOne of the World's most highly sought-after hop varieties is Galaxy. Grown in a unique climate in Australia, it boasts some truly prominent flavour profiles. Expect the dry hop charge to impart prominent citrus, passionfruit and peach, a modern pale ale ..
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Code: GEB3461
Kveik Foundation Beer Ingredient KitKveik is a collective term for a family of strains of brewing yeast that has been used in Norwegian farmhouse brewing for generations. It is an incredibly robust yeast that can effectively ferment beer at high temperatures with a very clean flavour profile, often ..
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Code: GEB3464
Lager Foundation Beer Ingredient Kit – Ferments at Ale TemperaturesLager is a complicated style to brew as it usually requires the ability to be able to ferment at low temperatures and requires long period of conditioning time , this lager beer ingredient kit is slightly different due to a unique st..
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Code: GEB3465
Lupomax Citra Foundation Beer Ingredient Kit Citra is the most popular hop variety in the world and is loved by craft brewers as a true go to hop variety for making impressive pale ales. Lupomax is a lupulin enhanced hop pellet which means it's going to make the beautiful Citra hop variety shine wit..
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Code: GEB2388
Mosaic Pale Ale Foundation Beer Ingredient KitEveryone loves a good well balanced pale ale, and showcasing Mosaic in the beer ingredient kit means you can expect extreme fruitiness from the flavour profile and Mosaic's overall flavour profile is defined by citrus notes of lime and mandarin, green fr..
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Code: GEB2386
NEIPA Foundation Beer Ingredient KitNEIPA Foundation Beer Ingredient KitNEIPA Beer ingredient kits have become exceptionally popular as the desire for a softer, fuller flavour from the hops is desired in the beer. This is achieved with hops varieties and accentuated by the yeast, we have chosen to u..
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Philly Sour Foundation Beer Ingredient Kit Philly Sour Foundation Beer Ingredient Kit
Out Of Stock
Code: GEB3462
Philly Sour Foundation Beer Ingredient KitMaking a sour beer at home as a beginner was unheard of until recent innovations in yeast. We are providing you with a premium quality brewers strain of yeast called Philly Sour it allows you to create a session able beer with refreshing acidity and notes of..
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Code: GEB3666
- LIMITED EDITION - Rye IPA Foundation Beer Ingredient KitA delicious rye focused IPA that delivers a light spicy and peppery character to the beer that is balanced with a nice american style hop profile in flavour and aroma This kit comes with:2 x 1.2kg Rye Liquid Malt1 x 1.2kg Extra Light Liquid M..
Ex Tax:£26.25
Code: GEB3099
Sabro Pale Ale Foundation Beer Ingredient KitSabro is a very expressive hop in a pale ale and adds grapefruit, pineapple and mango flavours. The malt backbone from the liquid malt extract used in this all-malt kit makes it a tasty beer ingredient kit, delivering that unique neomexicanas creamy and a..
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Code: GEB2389
Simcoe Hop Amber Ale Foundation Beer Ingredient KitSimcoe is a great hop for a single hop addition and imparts stone fruit, pine and citrus zest , this is perfectly balanced with a nice caramel malt backbone and fermented with a clean neutral american ale yeast that allows the malt and hop flavours ..
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Code: GEB3098
Vic Secret Pale Ale Foundation Beer Ingredient KitOne of the World's most highly sought-after hop varieties is Vic Secret. Grown in a unique climate in Australia, it boasts some truly impressive flavour profiles. Expect the dry hop charge to impart pure pineapple flavours and aromas with a little da..
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If you're looking for the best, effortless beer ingredient kit; we recommend the FOUNDATION BEER KITS. We have spent years perfecting these kits to ensure you have a successful brew producing impressive results

FOUNDATION BEER KITS are perfect for beginners. With easy to follow steps in brewing fundamentals. You will make the wort, add bittering extract and flavouring hops and pitch yeast for fermentation. All while practising temperature control and good sanitation. These are all skills to becoming a master brewer.

Even though these are beginner-friendly kits, seasoned brewers enjoy the simplicity that these kits bring. Brewing consistent, great-tasting beer, at a fraction of the cost of store-bought brews. In fact, this premium quality beer kit will cost approximately 60p per pint! You can't beat that.

What does a Foundation Beer Ingredient Kit Contain?

- GEB Liquid Malt Extract - All the Geterbrewed kits contain the finest liquid malt available. This is wort that has been concentrated and simply needs rehydrating to be able to start fermentation

- Isomerised Hop Extract - Fine-tuning the bitterness level of the beer

- Hop Pellets in innovative tea bags - Maximum flavour & aroma from the world’s best hop merchants

- Brewers Yeast Strains - always premium quality to ensure successful fermentations

What is a good beer making ingredient kit?

All our GET ER BREWED Beer Kits have been designed to create the best possible beer using the finest ingredients. Drawing on our wealth of experience as brewers and industry contacts, we have put together industry-leading beer kits that deliver consistently impressive results.

What ingredients do you need to make great beer?

The four main ingredients are: Water, Malt, Hops & Yeast

(1) Water - get to know your brewing water to get the best out of your brew.

(2) Malt - GET ER BREWED have the best malt available to homebrewers. in multiple different varieties. All malt kits make top-quality brews.

(3) Hops - The freshest hop pellets, professionally packaged in resealable hop packs and made into easy to use hop tea bags.

(4) Yeast - Professional brewers strains of yeast known technically as saccharomyces cerevisiae is responsible for turning the fermentable sugars into alcohol.

We commonly get asked are beer making kits safe?

The simple answer is yes. Modern beer making ingredient kits make it easier and safer than ever to successfully make amazing quality beer to enjoy at home, as long as you follow some basic principles.

We recommend you follow the SIT Principle.

(S) Sterilisation - If you take a scientific approach to ensure everything is clean and sterile you create the perfect environment for a healthy fermentation

( I ) Information - Follow the step by step instructions we provide with each kit.

(T) Temperature - Fermentation temperature is critically important, aim to have a consistent temperature without large fluctuations, if you need a fermentation chamber to control the temperature

What brewing equipment is needed?

These kits have been designed to use very basic equipment. A brewing vessel and a few brewing essentials is all you need:

- 33 Litre graduated GEB fermenter, with tap and airlock

- Beer Spoon or paddle

- Hydrometer

- Thermometer

- Steriliser

- Bottles, caps and a capper

We have a few beginner equipment kits available to get you brewing in no time. /beginner-brewing-start...

These kits can easily be added to, keeping you going through your brewing journey.