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Extract Brewing Info & Instructions

Extract Brewing Info & Instructions

Extract Beer Kits

Geterbrewed has been experimenting with their range of extract beer kits and have added a new range of exciting extract beer brewing kits that have a specific focus on premium quality ingredients and innovative new beer styles.

What are Extract Beer Kits?

Extract Beer Kits are considered the next step after homebrewers have tried a beer kit, the addition of steeping grains to the brewing process and the adding of hops throughout the boiling process allows homebrewers to add a fresh malt flavour and beautiful hop profile creating impressive results. Extract brewing doesn’t require a lot of equipment and you can upgrade from kit brewing with a large stovetop pot and a copper chiller, if you haven’t got a chiller you can cool using an ice bath in your sink, basic beer kit brewing equipment is required.

Geterbrewed Extract Beer Kits Contain

1. Premium Quality Liquid Malt Pouches
2. Steeping Grains freshly crushed
3. Hop Pellets in innovative Hop Tea Bags
4. Brewers Yeast Strains
5. Whirlfloc Tablet
6. Muslin Bags

Geterbrewed Extract Beer Kit Recipes are based on the following

- 26.5 Litre Boil Volume
- 23 Litres at the end of the boil
- 21 Litres into the fermenter
- 19 litres packaged

How to Brew Great beer from Extract?

The Key to successful extract brewing takes three things;

1. Sterilization as with all types of brewing this is key to successful brewing, good sanitation practices throughout the brew day

2. Temperature Control, accurate infusion temperatures and controlled fermentation temperatures

3. Freshness of the ingredients, Geterbrewed have a high stock turnover so you always get fresh ingredients, we mill our malt fresh the day it's dispatched plus we have the latest hop harvest and brewers yeast strains. All our extract kits are processed by hand so you are sure to get a quality service

What is Malt Extract?

Malt Extract Starts out in the brewhouse just like any other beer, to make malt extract the wort is transferred to evaporators after the boiling stage instead of going to the fermenter. Geterbrewed uses liquid malt extract in their extract brewing kits.

Liquid Malt Extract is simply concentrated wort and it takes a lot of work out of homebrewing, it is best described as a syrup consistency and is generally available in light, amber or dark format.